Back pain is no one’s cup of tea. It is a common complaint among people all over the world. If you are seated most of the time, back pain may be one of your companions for life. This is because sitting unnaturally twists your spine, and it gives you a lot of unnecessary pressure on your discs, ligaments, joints, and muscles that support your spine. This is why surgeons who specialize in spine surgery are some of the best people to see when you have a nagging backache or pain that keeps making life miserable for you. Here are some of the ways how a neurosurgeon can help your back pain.


A neurosurgeon can be an expert at fixing your back pain by conducting spine surgery on you and making sure that the operation is successful. At Alexander Taghva MD, a surgeon will make sure that they know how to diagnose the problem you have with your back to help you out.

They can do neurosurgery to take out the pressure and make space for the nerves in your back because they are being compressed. They can also do a spinal fusion surgery where they fuse vertebrae in the spine to help stabilize and align it to have less pain. There are also other types of surgery that they can do.

You should also consider the surgeon’s experience in spine surgeries because the more experienced they are, the better it will be for you and your back pain. When deciding which surgeon to see, you should always get a second opinion.

You should be able to live a life free of back pain because if it gets bad enough, something serious can happen, like having paralysis or even death. With surgery, you can be free of pain and do everything you want or need to do.

Diagnose With Precision What is Wrong With Your Back

When it comes to diagnosing your back, a neurosurgeon can go deeper and look for the root of your problem. They may perform a CT scan or MRI examination to find what the problem is, and they can also recommend how to handle the problem. A surgeon will make sure that their diagnosis of the back is accurate so that they can come up with a procedure for healing your back once and for all. During the diagnosis, a neurosurgeon will make sure that they understand the problem so that they do not target the wrong area of your back in their procedure. A neurosurgeon will make sure they help you relieve the pain you are going through, and they will tell you what possible things can happen during the operation.

If a neurosurgeon is treating your back problem, then they can perform many procedures, even if you are on a budget. The first procedure a neurosurgeon might do is an epidural injection to relieve your nagging back pain and let you rest properly. Another option is discectomy surgery, where they remove part of the vertebrae or collagen that is causing the discomfort. Nowadays, doctors are using microdiscectomy surgeries to remove the herniated disc and repair any ruptured discs.

Perform A Procedure To Relieve Pain

There are different procedures that a neurosurgeon can perform to relieve back pain, depending on the condition of your back. Some procedures that a neurosurgeon might use to help your back in recovery include epidurals, injections, and laminectomies. When performing any procedure to relieve the pain, the first step is to discuss what’s best for your needs and situation. After this, a surgeon might use an epidural injection.

An epidural injection is a procedure where a small amount of medication is injected into space between your spine and your spinal cord to relieve pain or numb the area for surgery. You can have more than one epidural injection, but they can be painful, so you will need to rest between treatments. Another procedure for back pain is a laminectomy. A small piece of your spine’s vertebra may be removed or “lifted” to create more space around your nerves and relieve pressure.

Prescribe Medication

If you have back pain, a surgeon might give you a prescription for pain medication. The type of medicine that your neurosurgeon will prescribe to you is dependent on the severity of your pain and the type of pain you have. If you are experiencing serious back pain, consider meeting with a neurosurgeon who can help evaluate and treat your condition.

Refer You To A Physical Therapist

If you experience back pain that does not go away after some time, your neurosurgeon might refer you to a physical therapist for exercises or other methods to help relieve your pain and improve your mobility.

A good neurosurgeon will tell you how long recovery from surgery is going to take. It is important to be patient with the therapy and not rush it because rushing can result in a setback rather than an improvement in your condition.

Neurosurgeons have special skills and training to do complex surgeries on the brain, spine, and nerves. Physical therapy is a process used by many patients who suffer from back pain. A neurosurgeon can help you improve your mobility and range of motion if you have trouble with back pain. Neurosurgeons have the skill and technical know-how to perform different procedures on a wide array of patients with various spinal problems, such as herniated discs and spine curvature, that can cause back pain.

In conclusion, a neurosurgeon can help you with your back pain. They have special training and skills that can help treat the underlying causes of your back pain. If you are experiencing any back pain, it is a good idea to talk to a neurosurgeon to get a diagnosis, treatment plan, and prognosis. It is important to consider that if you seek treatment from a neurosurgeon for your back pain, the surgery or procedure may involve risks such as bleeding and infection.