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Most Fair Play Award in IPL 2021 – What is the Fair Play Award in IPL?

Most Fair Play Award in IPL 2021 – What is the Fair Play Award in IPL?

Most Fair Play Award in IPL 2021 – What is the Fair Play Award in IPL? – In the Indian premier league, the fair play award has been a major aspect of the game since the beginning of the championship. This award is presented to the team with the highest number of fair play points that fully changed IPL cricket betting rates. Fair play award showcases which team and its players have observed the most righteous sport spirit and fairness throughout the tournament.

IPL Fair Play Table 2021

Position Team
1 Rajasthan Royals
2 Chennai Super Kings
3 Sunrisers Hyderabad
4 Delhi Capitals
5 Punjab Kings
6 Kolkata Knight Riders
7 Mumbai Indians
8 Royal Challengers Bangalore

How are Fair Play Points calculated in IPL?

IPL Fair pay award is a prestige however, not everyone knows how the winner is decided upon.  In a single match, every team can gain up-to 10 fair play points. There are two on-field umpires whom along with a third umpire, decide to what teams the fair play points will be rewarded. The basis of the fair play points is as follow;

  • For playing with the right spirit of the game 4 points are given
  • Treating the umpires with respect gives 2 points
  • Respecting the opposite team gives 2 points
  • Observing the laws of the game grants 2 points

IPL Fair Play Award Winners List of All Time

The team which has the highest number of IPL fair play award is Chennai Super Kings. This award has been won six times by MS Dhoni-led side. Other teams such as Sunrisers Hyderabad and Mumbai Indians have secured this award two times.

IPL Fair Play Table

Season Team
2021 Rajasthan Royal
2020 Mumbai Indians
2019 Sunrisers Hyderabad
2018 Mumbai Indians
2017 Gujarat Lions
2016 Sunrisers Hyderabad
2015 Chennai Super Kings
2014 Chennai Super Kings
2013 Chennai Super Kings
2012 Rajasthan Royals
2011 Chennai Super Kings
2010 Chennai Super Kings
2009 Kings XI Punjab
2008 Chennai Super Kings

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