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Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Figuratively speaking, machine learning may be described as connecting dots. The more data you connect, the better you will learn what will benefit your enterprise. We empower businesses to extract important perspicacity from various origins and diverse data. The tools we offer to company analysts and data scientists are efficient and easy to use. Thanks to them, specialists of any skill level will be able to study data without resorting to programming. We assure you that data processing and ML do not have to be complicated to ensure the desired outcome.

ML selection starts small

Our predictive analytics and ML tools are designed for multi-disciplinary workers and run on a standard PC. They enable users to quickly extract relevant perspicacity from their data to help them make informed choices later on. Data visualization will allow you to quickly learn their significance. Such awareness will undoubtedly be the impetus for the further implementation of study. Clients will be able to promptly build sinister and prescriptive models that can immediately assess and interpret the valuable insights gained from the data. Moreover, this knowledge may be applied plus shared with other employees either by using your own models or by exporting it to common business intelligence tools. Altair’s services enable processors to quickly and cost-effectively create powerful predictive models that provide valuable insights that can be used to produce profitable marketing arrangements.

ML: From Simple Means to More Complex Tools

Our back-end application allows you to move resource-intensive data mining computations from PCs to specialized programs that highlight powerful processors, large memory, and large and fast storage. Thanks to them, users will be able to examine data more effectively, because the great speed of the analysis will in no way affect its depth. In turn, IT professionals will be able to organize more effective management of security, deployment, and user accounts, since access rights to files and applications will be controlled by the service operating system and machine learning consulting services.

Big Data and ML

It allows you to manage huge amounts of data and ensure their efficient processing. Altair’s platform can process large datasets directly in RAM, therefore it is included in the construction of big data processing systems. We are happy to provide data scientists with this highly efficient tool. Customers will appreciate our platform as it integrates seamlessly with Hadoop HDFS, Amazon S3, and other major distributed file systems. The platform will allow them to easily analyze datasets of thousands of columns and millions of rows:

  • Comprehensive predictive analysis

A wide range of traditional and innovative tools – from choice trees to regression types and neural networks – make it easy to explore any data.

  • Adaptation to the specifics of the enterprise

Our tools enable you to apply a variety of business purposes to your models, as well as implement the concept of authoritative study. Thanks to them, users will be able to solve the most difficult problems without being certified specialists in the field of statistics.

  • Performing Machine Learning Into Existing Infrastructure

A simple coding mechanism allows you to instantly create ML models and achieve them in the enterprise.

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