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Luxury Way of Living – Where Can You Live Like a Star?

Luxury Way of Living – Where Can You Live Like a Star?

Luxury Way of Living – Description: Find out why is Dubai associated with luxury living and why do thousands of people dream of living there. In addition, you can also find information related average rent in Portland on internet.

Live Like a Sheikh: Best Place To Feel Like A Star

In 2021, Dubai is a synonym of opulence and everything connected to it. When you visit this city, it is hard to believe that until the 60s of the twenty century, it was just a big fishing village.

In this article, we will talk about the most luxurious districts this city has and discuss how expensive it is to live here. Read till the end to find out how and where to buy an apartment in Dubai.

Why is Dubai Associated With a Luxury Way of Living?

There is no point in denying the fact that Dubai is a great place to live. Its rich-like style attracts lots of people not only to visit it but to move there. However, just a lifestyle can’t keep people satisfied for too long. Here are some other reasons why people decide to move to Dubai permanently:

● Warm weather;
● No income tax to pay;
● Non-stop social life;
● Low costs of cab rides;
● Low costs of car maintenance and operations;
● A high percentage of services in English;
● Acceptance of other cultures;
● Low crime rate.

To enjoy all aspects of life in Dubai, people buy property there. It is a wise decision for several reasons. The first one is that it’s a great investment. Right now, COVID has affected property prices a lot — during 2020, Dubai’s property prices have dropped by 20% on average. In the first quarter of 2021, the market started to regenerate, but it still has to reach its pre-COVID price points, so… You have a chance to catch the lowered prices. Another reason to buy an apartment in Dubai is the possibility of renting it out. If you are a fan of traveling or mostly live abroad, you can rent it out to tourists and gain extra profit.

The Most Prestigious Districts for Living

Dubai is divided into several districts, which are suitable for different kinds of activities. Here are the major ones, and their unique features:

● Emirates Living. This district is one of the greenest areas in all of the Middle East. This villa-zone is mostly family-orientated, but there are also a lot of politicians, businessmen, and just rich people who choose to live here. Placed nearby Dubai, this zone has artificial lakes and fields, brimming with blue and green.

● Dubai Marina. This district is one of the most famous among tourists. Local unique artificial marina is a tourist magnet. It is also the center of the city’s nightlife, as all major clubs are here. On the tops of local skyscrapers, you can find all kinds of penthouses, perfect for a luxurious life.

● Downtown. This area is full of modern malls and high skyscrapers. It is exciting for both tourists and those who’ve decided to move to Dubai. This area is the most expensive and prestigious. Exotic buildings like the world-famous Burj Khalifa are located in this district, for example, — and they define the price of local property.

● Palm Jumeirah. This area looks like what most people expect to see when talking about luxury. This artificial island has everything to make life perfect: endless beaches, great gardens, and big comfortable houses. Palm Jumeirah also operates as a self-sustainable community where all members have access to local malls, exclusive restaurants, and many other luxury places to visit.

The Price for Property in Dubai

When you decide to buy in UAE, prices can differ a lot in different cities. Let’s talk about how much it costs to buy an apartment or a house in Dubai.

The price of property strongly depends on several factors: its type (an apartment, a house, etc.), number of bedrooms, number of square meters, the district, and the completion status of a building.

The price of an apartment in Dubai starts at $75.000 and goes up to $15.000.000. The cheapest apartments are studios or have one bedroom, and are located in the less famous districts of the city. The most expensive ones can have up to six bedrooms or just two but are located downtown.

For houses, the price goes from $75.000 to $20.000.000. It strongly depends on the type of house; townhouses are cheaper than penthouses.

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Summary Of Luxury Way of Living

To sum up, Dubai is a great place to move to. It is not only luxurious but also a great change of scenery — especially for people who have never lived in warm countries. It is alive and full of possibilities.

Note, that some laws of UAE are derived from Islamic Laws: for instance, public displays of affection (like kissing on the lips) are not welcomed — so, before traveling there, make sure to check the list of rules to follow.

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