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Long Haircuts for Women to Try

Long Haircuts for Women to Try

Must-Try Long Haircuts for Modern Women – New year, new hairstyle! Most women fancy long hair because of the many styles you can get from it. Some go for braids, curly hair, and mermaid waves, while others fancy the beauty blowout brings to the wearer. In addition, what other beautiful haircuts to try this season than long haircuts?

Long Haircuts for Women to Try

The beauty of having long hair is that you can style it according to your facial features. These styles balance the proportions on your face and give you a more feminine and young look. Check out our list of long haircuts if you are looking for a different style to start the year with.

1. Layers

If you do not want to trim your long hair, layered long haircuts are your go-to style. It is not picky with hair types since people with fine and thick hair can style it. Besides, the layers reduce the hair thickness. The stylist cuts your hair into layers at specific points to achieve your desired look. The layers should be positioned at a position that flatters your face shape.

2. Hair With Bangs

Having long hair with bangs gives you perfect face-framing while maintaining the rest of the length. Adding a fringe to the long length gives you more styling options. According to LoveHairStyles, you can comb the fringe to cover your forehead or get a center part to make curtain bangs. This style suits people with thick hair well, but a wispy bang will flatter your fine hair.

Hair With Bangs - Long Haircuts for Women to Try

3. Long Bob

If the year ended without you trying the bob style, this is your time to shine with this hairstyle. Fashionistas like the bob style because it is easy to maintain and is not picky with face shapes. The trendiest bob style is the off-center part while leaving more volume at the roots. Your hair should also be smooth and straight for the style to come out perfectly.

4. Long Shag

The shag long haircuts trended in the 70s, and are back. Unlike the traditional shag that was mostly styled on short and mid-length hair, women with long hair also wear this style nowadays. You can ask the stylist to make a fringe to let your facial features pop. Besides, the side bangs balance the hair volume and add highlights.

5. Long Braids

It is essential to style your hair according to the occasion. Long braids require long hair because it is easy to manipulate and maneuver. You can try a fluffy ponytail, which is very simple to do. While making the braid, ensure the strands are loose and have a pattern. The braid should not look too neat. Even people who don’t know how to do a braid can try.

Long Braids

6. Short Front And Long Back

This hairstyle is also dated to the 70s celebrities but is slowly coming back. It involves having the front layers short and the back ones long. You can also try a longer fringe that adds length to the front and create curtain bangs. Do not style the long back hair, but ensure it is moisturized and wavy.

7. Blonde

Blondes are easily noticed, and most people go for the ice blonde. If you have black hair or are a redhead and want to go blonde, ask your stylist to give you an ashy wash and champagne and peach highlights. Leaving the roots black adds style. Besides this hair bringing all the beauty, it is high maintenance because of the dye.

8. Natural Hair

People with hair that grows fast are more advantaged because they can quickly get long natural hair. This is low maintenance hairstyle because it only requires moisturizing and detangling regularly.

However, the ease of maintenance depends on your hair type. People with type 4C hardly keep long natural hair because it takes a long time to detangle and tangle easily. Besides, this style looks best to those with curls.

9. Long Black Hair

People quickly dye their hair in different shades to get more attention. Long black hair brings some boldness to the wearer because it is also easily noticed. Blonde and redheads can also go for black dyes, but ensure it fits your complexion. This dye is easier to maintain. Keep the hair moisturized and detangled to enjoy it the most.

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