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Learn The Different Ways You Can Use Thc-O Vape Pen

Learn The Different Ways You Can Use Thc-O Vape Pen

Learn The Different Ways You Can Use Thc-O Vape Pen – Learn The Different Ways You Can Use Thc-O Vape Pen – 2022On the internet, articles on how to vape are standard. They rarely go into any depth regarding different vaping methods. Learning the ins and outs of RDA atomizer dripping or how to clean your vape tank properly is great, but what about vaping itself?

The Different Ways You Can Use Thc-O Vape Pen

This post will cover different ways to use the THC-O Vape Pen and some of the most common inhalation techniques so you can get started. You may employ many different inhalation strategies while vaping to achieve varied experiences.

There are two methods for using your vaping equipment to take a “hit” or puff. The first method is known as “mouth to lung,” or MTL, while the second is known as “direct lung inhale,” or DLI.

Resistance, battery capacity, and airflow all significantly affect the type of vaping experience you have. Even if they are unaware of it, people who have smoked cigarettes will be familiar with MTL. In contrast, people who adapt to DLI more easily may have more significant experience with pipe smoking. Still, many people are unaware of the considerable influence that your interactions with your vaping device may also have.

Proper Steps to Vape

1. Draw

Take a calm, steady drag on your electronic cigarette until vapor fills your mouth. Hold your breath before exhaling. Hold the vapor in your mouth for three to five seconds after drawing it in, then inhale it into your lungs or exhale it via your mouth or nose.

2. Wait

Know that a cigarette smoker will feel the “hit” after waiting for 8 seconds. However, you might have to wait 30 seconds to feel the effects of differential nicotine absorption from electronic cigarettes through the mucous membranes.

What are the different ways to use THC O vape pens?

You can use the THC-O vape pen in several ways, such as:

1. Mouth-to-lung absorption (or MTL)

When vaping, many people will automatically resort to the mouth-to-lung method if they have expertise with smoking. Like sucking on a straw, you take the vapor into your mouth before breathing it into your lungs. Since early commercial cigarettes were essentially designed to be smoked this way, it has been the norm for many smokers. However, vaping allows us a little bit more flexibility.

MTL is a bit softer and a milder way to vape. It’s apt for people that love vaping for the variety of e-juice flavors. More flavor is typically noticeable as the vapor stays in the mouth for longer. Although both methods are approachable, people should switch to vaping as a smoking cessation method.

MTL inhalation is slower; your preferred vape juice will last much longer. Because MTL vaping tends to be slower and softer, your vaping device will stay more relaxed and require less battery power. As a result, your battery won’t have to work as hard, keeping your smartphone cool.

MTL is the same fundamental technique as smoking cigarettes or cigars, so individuals switching to vaping will have something familiar to help them transition. MTL is a terrific option if you enjoy vaping for its flavors. You’ll be able to hit all the notes quickly, and your juice will be exposed to your taste receptors more.

2. Direct Lung Inhalation (DLI)

With DLI, the “hit” will be more substantial than it would be with MTL. It can lead to faster vaping and more nicotine hits. It comes down to personal preference. While some vapers used to a more relaxed experience may feel overwhelmed, others find this incredibly satisfying. Quickdraws are required since they will heat liquid or juice to greater temperatures. Therefore your nicotine levels will need to be adjusted accordingly.

DLI has got compared to exhaling quickly or sucking the air out of a balloon. Your lungs will be filled with dense vapor from your vaping device as if you were smoking a hookah. You might find much satisfaction in DLI if you enjoy extreme vaping or are accustomed to intense, heavy hits from smoking. The goal is to produce large, dense clouds, and DLI is the ideal technique for generating lovely, misty plumes.

Contrary to cloud chasing, employing DLI allows you to vape covertly. You can make the cloud disappear before you exhale by keeping the vape in your lungs for longer. It’s ideal if you want to keep things under control in a public setting but are unsure of the regulations or proper vaping etiquette.

3. French Inhalation

The focus of a French inhalation is flavor. You inhale deeply through your lips before letting the vapor gently escape and inhaling it again through your nose. It is more of a theatrical trick than a severe vaping technique. Still, it may get utilized to savor the flavors thoroughly.

French Inhalation

4. Hybrid Hit

  • A hybrid hit involves:
  • Pulling vapor into your mouth.
  • Opening your lips halfway through.
  • Taking a big breath while you let some fresh air into your lungs.
  • Essentially, it combines MTL with DLI. It’s a practical approach to letting your taste buds experience the flavor while still getting a potent dose after the draw.

5. Snap Inhalation

The key to a snap inhalation is to let the mouth fill with steam before softly exhaling and then inhaling it back into your lungs. In essence, you receive two pulls at various intensities for the price of only one.


While vaping is a fantastic alternative to smoking, choosing the correct device is crucial. When you are so used to doing things a specific way, picking up a new habit can be frustrating, but once you figure out how to properly inhale an electronic cigarette, you’ll be e-smoking like a master in no time! You’ll experience being overwhelmed. On the other hand, you’ll be well on your way to vaping safely if you follow the appropriate advice and the suggestions mentioned above.

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