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Job Hunt – Useful tips for job hunting in the age of corona virus.

Job Hunt – Useful tips for job hunting in the age of corona virus.

Job Hunt

Job hunt or job searching is the act of seeing for employment due to unemployment, underemployment, dissatisfaction with a present position, or a desire for a better place.

Looking for a job often takes time and patience.

This period is difficult, especially for morale.

Expectation, stress, doubt about your skills, and impostor syndrome are inquiring about your career path choice.

It can be easy to accede to negative thoughts when you don’t know where you are going without counting on the typical entourage.

Indeed, even if your loved ones want you well, they will surely knock you out with questions you would have spent most of the time well.

Tips to remember for a successful job search

  • There are many elements to understand to succeed in your job search, under penalty of quickly losing efficiency and motivation.
  • Moreover, It is obligatory to keep in mind that all searching for new opportunities must be from a constructive and encouraging perspective.
  • Welcome to the Jungle gives you valuable tips to make your job search as successful as possible.

Strengths and weaknesses

The first step is to identify yourself well.

Indeed, precisely identifying your values, your best assets, your critical skills, and your areas for improvement will help you sell yourself better.

  1. Follow the news
  2. Network
  3. Organize your days
  4. Boost your CV with online courses
  5. Pay attention to your health
  6. Take care of your voicemail
  7. Always stay positive and congratulate yourself!

Corona virus – Seven useful tips for hunting a job during a pandemic Covid-19

  • Despite the economic slowdown, the corona virus crisis is having a mixed effect on the job search.
  • According to a study, one in two employees looking for a professional opportunity has responded to at least one offer since confinement.
  • However, all job hunters must adapt to a new situation during a particular period linked to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here are some tips to help you to continue your journey and succeed during this evolving time.

1. Make LinkedIn your primary job search tool

  • Firstly, update your profile and maintain your brand by relaying content related to your expertise.
  • Secondly, look for opportunities by following the pages of companies that post positions.
  • Then be sure to create virtual connections with these companies and members of their networks.
  • And also, See how to do this by reading points 1 and 3 of the following article.

2. Target your research in sectors that remain in demand

  • Explore industries where demand remains or has increased for specific products or services.
  • It includes healthcare, agri-food supply, medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, IT, video games, and online entertaining.
  • Some areas are still looking for a range of qualified profiles.
  • Considering the shortage that prevailed not long ago, other organizations maintain their activities at a distance.
  • However, They continue to recruit for current needs or make for recovery.

3. Offer your abilities to help the corporations in Crisis Management

  • Send personalized and unique applications. In your communications, determine how your skills could be useful to employers in today’s atmosphere.
  • For example, knowledge and skills in HR management, supply chain management, cyber security, legal, communication, health, and safety may make you stand out.
  • Here are some websites where you might discover freelance opportunities: Entremetteuse, Freelance, Quebec, Work hoppers.

4. Prepare for long phone or video interviews

  • These practices will become more common. It would be useful to test your Internet network’s performance in advance and update your software if necessary.
  • Choose a suitable place in your home already, set up a professional, well-lit environment free from interruptions.
  • Finally, test some online conferencing platforms to verify your camera’s operation and microphone (e.g., Skype, Microsoft Teams, Zoom).

5. Demonstrate your ability to adapt quickly

  • It is essential to reassure recruiters about your ability. Be technically prepared to telecommute if your function allows it.
  • If you land an agreement, even a temporary one, communicate regularly with your interlocutors and highlight your work with your supervisor.

6. Keep in touch with employers you met previously

  • Stay tuned. Recruitment stops since the application of precautionary measures to slow the spread of COVID-19. The relaunch re-opens the position.
  • Consider sending a follow-up e-mail to your contacts stating that you understand the context and that you will remain presented upon continuation.

7. Develop and Obtain New Skills

    • In the meantime, you can update your skills and even acquire new ones that will enrich you.
    • There is a massive supply of online YouTube tutorials and free webinars. It would help if you chose a keyword.
    • Develop mastery of new software or take online training offered by the college and university institutions or specialized organizations related to your profession.
    • Start by consulting the page of the sectorial workforce committee related to your domain.
    • However, Volunteering with essential services is also an opportunity to contribute to your community by making yourself known in the future.

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