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How to increase the word count when writing an essay

How to increase the word count when writing an essay

How to increase the word count when writing an essay? – The worst feeling is when you think you’ve finished the essay only to find out that you’re still some words below the minimum word limit. This is why it’s important to know the word limit before starting the essay. This comes in one of the silliest mistake students make when they’re given an essay to write about.

When you’re given an essay to write about. Always make sure you’re familiar with the word limit so you don’t have any problems in the end. The best way to keep track of the word limit is to write on a computer on google docs or word. It has a live active word counter which you can keep checking after every paragraph.

Websites like can also help you with this problem and can help you write my papers if you’re having difficulty with them.

However, there are tips and tricks people use to increase the word count when writing an essay. There are many shortcuts for it but if you keep repeating the same thing again and again to reach the word limit, your teacher won’t count that and you’ll remain below the minimum word limit.

Here some ways to increase the word count when writing an essay;

A long introduction

After you’re done writing your essay and still short on words. What you can do is rework the introduction and make it a little longer. Teachers usually focus more on introductions and conclusions so, try to write about its features or write something that no one knows about the topic.

Add examples

Check every paragraph and make sure if you’ve added examples for every main idea. If you haven’t then you should add an example to every main idea making your essay look stronger by showing the understanding of the topic.

You can even add more than one example with your main idea to make it look stronger and more meaningful. Try not to add more than 2 examples as it will just look obvious that you’re trying to reach the word limit by only adding examples.

Clarify statements

There will be times when adding examples with a statement won’t make sense so, the best thing you can do is clarify that statement. You can do this by giving more statements to prove that your statement is appropriate and legit. Don’t get too wordy and try to use shorter sentences as it’s easier for the reader to understand what you’ve written and will reach your word count easily.

Find additional sources

A good way to improve your word count is to add things from additional sources you haven’t mentioned in the essay. The more sources you use, the stronger and meaningful your essay will look. So, try to spend a little more time doing your research and look for the best additional sources to get information from. Also, make sure the sources you use are reliable and contain legit information.

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