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How to Make CBD Work Faster
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How to Make CBD Work Faster

How to Make CBD Work Faster? – CBD is mainly used as a treatment for various ailments. So, when taking this supplement, you would want it to provide relief as fast as possible. You can enhance the speed of CBD effects by choosing a different method of consumption depending on what suits you best.

Similarly, you may consider other methods like taking it with fatty foods, holding the drug longer under your tongue, taking full-spectrum CBD oil, and more.

Nevertheless, it is vital to consider that each person has a completely different anatomy, so it is hard to tell precisely how the compound would affect each individual. You have to also factor in things like age, genetics, wellness, the metabolic rate among others.

Still, scientists have come up with ways in which CBD oil can be enhanced to work faster in most users. But before that, let’s look at the common methods of taking CBD. Also, you should consider checking out Cheefbotanicals products to find out what can best work for you.

How to take it

The method of consumption may affect your response rate to the stimulant. Smoking, sublingual administration, and vaping take the crown for being the fastest methods.

For instance, when you smoke a joint, the smoke quickly diffuses into the lungs, and within a short period, cannabis molecules are absorbed into the bloodstream.

Likewise, when you place the product under your tongue, the soft tissues in that area allow CBD to quickly diffuse into the blood via the capillary beds. This can take approximately 5 min to 6 hours.

On the contrary, edibles are first broken down in the digestive system before they are absorbed into the bloodstream. This gives rise to a slower but long-lasting effect.

On the other hand, topicals have no effect on your mental health because the compound doesn’t reach the bloodstream through the skin. Generally, it takes users between 1 hour to 6 hours to get relief from topicals. With that said, you may want to seek an even quicker method;

Bypass the digestive tract through breathing

Overall, it takes around 36 hours for food to move through the entire gastrointestinal system. Nonetheless, the wait can be quite challenging if you are seeking faster relief from pain and other health disorders.

The best way to onset faster CBD effects is by bypassing the digestive tract and choosing smoking or vaping the substance instead. When cannabis smoke enters the lungs, it is quickly absorbed into the blood and later to the brain giving rise to immediate effects.

Take it with fatty foods

Although oral CBD may take longer to provide the intended effect, there are various effective ways to increase metabolic rate and absorption.

Adding this supplement into your meals soaked with fatty acids is one of them. Cannabinoids like CBD are bound together by fatty acids, therefore when you combine edibles with fatty foods, the liver breaks it down faster.

Here is a list of fatty foods to consider; soybean oil, seafood, peanuts, eggs, Avocado, sesame oil, coconut oil among others.

Ensure the product is legal

The legalization of medical Marijuana has seen so many Cannabidiol products been sold in the market today.

Regrettably, these products are not regulated by FDA, meaning you might come across so many counterfeits. However, you can avoid this by purchasing your products from a reputable brand.

You should also consider other factors like the method of extraction, third-party lab tested, whether the hemp plant was grown organically, the oil is pure with no solvent residues to name a few.

See this link to see a few tips that can help you when shopping for CBD products

Try CBD supplements with liposomes

Liposomes spherical vesicles derived from phospholipid bilayers, that form around the terpene and Cannabidiol molecules.

Their main objective is to deliver medication safely through the digestive tract and into the blood. Besides they have protective 3-dimensional shields that enhance the movement of cannabidiol products in the body.

Hold the oil under tongue for a while

If you prefer the sublingual method as your way of ingesting CBD. Then you ought to consider holding it underneath your tongue for a while before swallowing it.

The soft tissues around the tongue harbor multiple capillaries which allows the tincture to diffuse into the blood. Similarly, the active receptors in the mouth are by far the fastest way of delivering Cannabidiol oil into the blood.

Plus, holding the substance for approximately 90 minutes under the tongue, may help you bypass the digestive system and increase your response rate.

Hold the oil under tongue for a while - How to Make CBD Work Faster

Get it absorbed into the bloodstream

The compound reaches the brain and other body organs through the bloodstream. This is why it is important to find the quickest way it can reach the blood.

Moreover, for you to feel the effect it has to interact with the endocannabinoid system. The network responsible for maintaining body balance.

Making sure that you understand the various ways to administer. Thus,  the substance into the system is the first step to achieving a faster effect.

Choose full-spectrum CBD oil

This is a combination of multiple cannabis phytochemicals including THC.THC is believed to provide a more intense feeling when used with CBD, meaning you might experience the effects faster when using full-Spectrum oil. Click here to read more on how you can make the compound work faster for you.


Scientist approves CBD as the most effective medication for fast relief. Nevertheless, there are certain things you must consider to achieve its beneficial effects.

Firstly, consider choosing the fastest method of administering the stimulant and ensure it bypasses the digestive system. Also, simply take CBD together with your meal preferably with fatty foods rather than taking it on an empty stomach.

Basically, you might as well consider all the views mentioned in this essay for faster and better results.

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