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How To Care And Train Australian Shepherd Dog Breeds?

How To Care And Train Australian Shepherd Dog Breeds?

How To Care And Train Australian Shepherd Dog Breeds? – There is more to raising an Australian shepherd than just feeding it. It is important to consider other things like grooming, shedding, a balanced diet, and training.

These hounds can be very destructive if not properly trained. These dog breeds may need at least an hour of practice daily to remain fit.

Likewise, they need proper maintenance including fur cleaning and trimming to eliminate pests and dirt build-up. Plus, socializing with them is key at the beginning of puppyhood to avoid biting due to fear or social anxiety. Let’s look at the various ways to care for your Aussie.

Grooming and shedding

This pooch has a thick double layer’s fur that can easily trap dirt and bacteria. Before opting for one, ensure you have a proper grooming and maintenance plan.

Generally, you should brush and trimming it at least twice or thrice a week. This helps prevent hair knots and dirt build-up as well. Bathing should be done occasionally, preferably every 4 to 6 weeks.

Regular bathing can damage the coat and dry out their skin. Also, don’t forget to trim their nails and brush their teeth often as well.

Feeding and diet

Aussies are naturally foodies so feeding them is easy. This pup requires approximately 3 cups of meals daily that is divided into two meals.

Plus, the food should be high in protein to help them maintain their energy levels while exercising. They are also not picky eaters meaning they don’t need a special diet.

Moreover, because of their active nature, they’re not prone to obesity so you need not worry about their heavy eating.


These hounds may require intense exercise to remain happy and healthy. They are also very energetic and easily trainable.

While initially they were used to herd and guard livestock, you do not need a farm to keep them active. Today these animals have more serious jobs like rescue dogs due to their working talent.

Your pup will swim, bike, run, hike and take long walks in addition to training. You may need a large backyard and ample space where they can play and roam.

Australian Shepherd Training

Once you get a puppy, you will need to train it properly to ensure they fit in your lifestyle. Here are a few tips on how. See this link for more information on how you can train them

Socialize them earlier

Socializing your dog right from the puppy stage is an essential part of training. This should be done as early as 7weeks old.

For instance, you can take your dog to the park or walk it around your neighborhood where they can interact with other people. This can also be a fun way of bonding with your pup.

Dogs who are socialized are more affectionate and rarely exhibit destructive behaviors.

Reward them when training

Everyone loves praises and treats, especially after an achievement. This is no different with pets. Dog’s love treats and praises too and rewarding them every time they get something right can motivate them to learn. Instead of scolding them when they do wrong, you can use reward-based training to promote good behavior. Also, keep in mind that too many treats can be harmful to their health so do it moderately.

Start with basic commands

The first step of training is always challenging. Nevertheless, you can start by teaching them the basic commands like sit, stand, lay down, rollover, and more.

You also need to be very patient with your pup to avoid scaring it which would only worsen the situation. Treats work magic at the beginning of training.

Every time you notice your Aussie responding to your command, reward it with a treat or praise.

Consider clicker training

The Australian shepherd responds well to clicker training. Every time the trainer clicks the clicker to indicate the completion of a task, the dog knows it is time to stop.

Likewise, clicker training is a verbal command that most pooches relate to especially when undergoing intensive training.

If you just got a new puppy, you could consider this form of training followed by a reward for all the completed tasks.

Stop herding behavior

The Aussie is known to be a notorious herder. They will terrorize every animal or stranger they come across when left untrained.

If you notice excessive barking, or an attempt to bite, then it is time to stop their action. Plus, herding behaviors can lead to other bad behaviors when left unattended.

You can start by saying “no” immediately after you notice the aggressive behavior. However, you should not use force when correcting them to avoid scaring them.

Consider hiring a professional

Training a dog can be very challenging, especially if you are on a tight schedule. Nevertheless, you can always opt for a professional trainer to do the job.

In case you get stuck, your friends or vet can recommend a good trainer in your area. You can also search online for professional trainers with the best reviews in your neighborhood. Click here to read more.


If you want a dog that can fit in your lifestyle, you must teach it how to relate well with your household. Rewarding good deeds, starting with the basic commands, clicker training, and hiring a professional are among the best steps to successful training. Besides that, proper care and good grooming are essential to maintain a longer lifespan. And don’t forget to visit your vet regularly for checkups regardless of their health.

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