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How to Appreciate the Small Things in Life?

How to Appreciate the Small Things in Life?

How to Appreciate the Small Things in Life? – Focusing our attention on what is delightful, nourishing, and sustaining in our lives, rather than on what is irritating, upsetting, or painful, is an important part of appreciating the simple things in life. It includes expressing thanks for the small pleasures in life that are easy to miss or overlook entirely. While adopting this perspective will not prevent unpleasant situations from occurring, it will help us avoid exaggerating their impact on our lives.

Small victories

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Wake up earlier

This advice may make you moan if you struggle with the snooze button every morning, but give it a go nonetheless.

If the concept doesn’t bother you, make it a challenge for yourself by getting up 30 minutes earlier than normal. You may feel a bit foggy, but try to focus on feelings you don’t typically have time to notice. Step outdoors (or stand near an open window) to enjoy your morning beverage of choice as the world seems different in the morning.

Wake up earlier - How to Appreciate the Small Things in Life

Start a gratitude box

A gratitude box is a visual spin on an old classic. Place a cardboard box or a jar on the counter in plain sight. Whenever a bad idea comes to mind, think of a good thought—whether it’s a poem, a word, a phrase, or an image. Then write a good idea down and put it in the jar.

You can add anything to the box whenever a positive thought or idea crosses your mind or crosses your path (e.g., reading a magazine and discovering an amazing quote). When you’re feeling down or unappreciative, you’ll have a ready supply of gratitude letters to cheer you up.

Here and now

Choose to be in the present moment. This form of present-moment awareness, also known as mindfulness, is essential for triggering the good feelings associated with thankfulness.

When you live more mindfully, you notice everything, even the small details of everyday beauty.

Using former personal struggles, you can appreciate the present situation. Instead of lingering on bad feelings, revisit them and you’ll quickly realize how much better things have become.

Here and now - Holi Celebration

Send a word of love and appreciation

The world is shrinking in our digital era. There have never been so many methods to communicate with one another, from phone conversations to text messages to emails to social media.

For most people, their little mobile phone is capable of accomplishing all of this. You only need to take it out of your pocket. Take advantage of how simple it is and send some happy thoughts to someone you care about today. Try it, it feels pretty good!

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