How old was Jesus when he died?

How old was Jesus when he died cannot be said with certainty, as the Bible does not give exact dates of birth or death of Jesus?

It cant be said about his actual age at the time of his crucifixion. We can make a sophisticated guess based on various historical factors.

One way to estimate Jesus’ age is to trace Roman history throughout the Bible.

We can also look at Daniel’s Old Testament prophecies regarding the Chronicles of the Messiah.

Luke 3:23 tells us that Jesus was about 30 years old when he began his earthly ministry that lasted three to three and a half years.

Thus, the most common estimate among scholars is that Jesus was between 33 and 34 years old at the time of his death.

However, some believed he was 39 years old.

According to the Bible, how old was Jesus when he was crucified?

  • The Bible does not explicitly mention how old Jesus was when he died.
  • However, we can arrive at a very accurate estimate given in this Bible.
  • In the Bible at Luke 3:23, Jesus Christ began his public ministry “at the age of about 30 years.”
  • It is the age that the priests were, to start with, the law of Moses.
  • Also, we can read his ministry, through which three years have passed.
  • According to various estimates, most people generally believe that Jesus was about 33 years old when he died.
  • However, some people speculate that he could have been both 32 and 34 years old.
  • The differences come from different calendars and different mentioned deaths (e.g., Herod) and the scriptures surrounding his ministry.
  • Most agree that he was about 33 years old; his public ministry probably only lasted about three or three and a half years.
  • If you stop and ponder about it for a second … 3 years, and he changed the world so much.
  • And all this happens to a bunch of fishermen and outcasts, whom he chose as his apprentices.
  • Isn’t that awesome! Jesus Christ is the King of rulers and the Lord of the Lord. He is the First and the Last.
  • The Bible clarifies that all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. If you have not received Christ, you are dead in your sins.
  • Christ approached and died on the cross for us so that we might have life. Today is the day you must believe in Christ and receive the gift of eternal life.

Controversies about the crucifixion

  • Many controversies about Christ’s crucifixion date: scientists say AD Age from 21 to 36 years old.
  • You have to check all the evidence to find a specific date.
  • First, A. It turns out that these are Caiaphas and Pilate, who served simultaneously from 26 to 36 years at Christ’s trial. It is from AD. 21.
  • Delete the date. Then, examining the crucifixion day, it concludes that it happened on Friday, Nisan 14.
  • Astronomically, the only years on Friday, the 14th of Nisan, was AD 27, 30, 33, 36. Looking at Christ’s work, AD 27 and 36 are possible dates for AD 30 and 33.
  • If you look more carefully at the evidence of astronomy and Christ’s life, the most reliable date of Christ’s death was 33 AD.
  • It not only fills several passages of the Gospel with meaning but also history confirms it.
  • It also avoids accusations that the Gospel is inaccurate in some parts of the passion story.

Views of Scientists on Jesus Crucifixion

  • It is a topic that scientists have been discussing for many years.
  • There are no passages that give an accurate time from a historical point of view other than a general historical reference that must be determined from the history of time as we know it.
  • For example, when Herod reigned, and the historical reference in Luke 2: 1f. See Luke 3:23 and John 8:57. By all accounts, he was about 30 years old.
  • Below, Dallas Seminary Dr. Harold Hoener concluded the birth and crucifixion of Christ. Dr. Hoener is a recognized authority on the chronological aspects of the life of Christ.
  • For more information on this, you can read his lengthy work in Bibliotheca Sacra, the theological journal of Dallas Seminary.
  • You can do the math on the day Hoener suggested.

Views of believers on Jesus Crucifixion

  • According to the general opinion among believers, Jesus lived 33 years, of which the last three years he preached the doctrine of salvation to people.
  • The holy evangelist Luke (1st century) writes: “Jesus, who began his ministry, was about thirty years old …” (3:23)
  • Everything seems to be accurate, but the apostle and evangelist John the Theologian (1st century) affirms the opposite in his Gospel: “The Jews said to him: You are not even fifty years old, have you seen Abraham?” (8:57)
  • There is a clear gap in the dates between Lucas and Juan. Until recently, it was challenging to determine Jesus’s age precisely at the time of was crucifixion.

Views of Athens researcher Nikos Kokkinos on how old was Jesus when he died

  • But an Athens researcher, Nikos Kokkinos, got to work. By the way, in 1980, he thoroughly studied Roman sources and the New Testament and convincingly proved that Christ was crucified in AD 36.
  • After twenty years of research, N. Kokkinos said: Jesus, the year of his crucifixion, could not have been 33 years old.
  • The point is that only those who turned fifty were considered religious teachers in Jewish society.
  • The testimony of Irenaeus de Leonsky confirms a disciple of Polycarp, who met people who saw Jesus Christ with their own eyes.
  • He said the Savior was in his fifties when he began teaching the people. In another passage, Saint John (2:20) writes how the Savior compares his body and, in fact, his life’s journey to the temple in Jerusalem, which was built “for forty-six years.”
  • Kokkinos proposed the original solution to this problem. The Savior said he was the same age as the temple; they were both forty-six years old.
  • This building, located in Jerusalem during Jesus’ lifetime, was completed under King Herod in 12 BC.
  • C. E. – the first year of Christ’s preaching. Therefore, according to Kokkinos, it follows that Jesus was crucified in AD 36. at the age of forty-eight.
  • According to the theory of the Athenian scientist, Jesus was born in 12 BC. Interestingly, after Kokkinos vindicated the last date, he made another curious discovery.
  • On 12-11, it turned out that Halley’s comet’s appearance was in the sky.

Views of Romanian Astronomers on How old was Jesus when he died

  • In 2012, Romanian astronomers Liviu Mircea and Tiberiu Oproiu presented a completely different way of demonstrating to the public.
  • Let us remind readers: the New Testament states that Jesus Christ died crucified on the cross, then rose again and ascended into heaven.
  • He also says he died the day after the first midday night after the spring equinox. According to the Bible, a solar eclipse occurred during the execution of the Savior.
  • Using this information, astronomers made an exciting study and found the following.
  • Between AD 26 and 25, the full moon fell only twice the day after the spring equinox: April 7 and 30 and April 3, 33.
  • And the solar eclipse was only observed that the 33! It follows that Jesus died on Friday, April 3, 33, around three in the afternoon. He renewed El Salvador on April 5 at four in the morning.

Facts about his birth

  • Christ was born before the demise of Herod the Great and after the census.
  • Looking at the history of the birth of Matthew and Luke’s Gospels, it is necessary to conclude that a year or two after Herod’s death, Christ was born from Mary.
  • At other chronological records in the Gospels, these testimonies led to the conclusion that Christ was born in the winter season of 5 or 4 BC. E.
  • The exact date of Christ’s birth is unknown, even on December 5, BC. Or January 4 BC is the smartest option.

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