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Your Guide to Motherhood: 7 Helpful Tips to Survive Being A Working Mom

Your Guide to Motherhood: 7 Helpful Tips to Survive Being A Working Mom

Your Guide to Motherhood: 7 Helpful Tips to Survive Being A Working Mom – Today, we celebrate strong, independent mothers who take good care of their children and caters to their daily needs. Gone are the days when women are only confined in the household. Lots of women today also have full-time jobs. It makes you kind of think about how they can juggle working life and mom life. We all know the answer to this. It has never been easy for working mothers to balance their work-life and parenting, but still, they prevail. They do good in their work and can look after their kids at the same time, with the help and support of their loved ones. For those who are terrified and still struggle with their life as a mother with a full-time job, we have seasoned working mothers to share with you a few tips. Check this out!

1. Teach your kids to clean

Going home after a long day at work only to find your home seemingly run over by a tornado can test your patience—if you are really tired, you may even flunk that test. If you are a martyr of a mom who just quietly puts toys in their right place, picks up the laundry, sweeps the floor and the like, or the nagging mom who unleashes her frustration and shouts at everyone, you need to stop. Teach your kids to clean up, especially their toys. This will be more efficient with the right toy storage ideas. You can click the link and check out for more inspiration.

Doing all the cleaning for your kids will not make them learn about cleaning up after themselves. Nagging them would not do you good, either. Instead, ask them firmly yet respectfully to clean up after themselves. It is also important to be patient enough and tell them what they need to do, one by one, and step by step. You would be surprised at how your kid wants to help you and how they are itching for roles by “big” boys and girls. Teach your kid the right way how cleaning is done and why. Lead them by practice, too, and show them how to do each task. Consider, too, that they are little kids who are still learning, so positive reinforcement and healthy criticism will be your friends!

2. Introduce chores

Just because you are the mom, does not mean you have to do everything in the house. Do not forget that the household is also a team, and everyone has to do and have a part. Introduce chores and delegate tasks to your children, spouse, and other family members. Not all chores at home are that difficult, anyway. You can task simple chores to your younger kids. Teach your kids to set the table and clean it. Teach them to wash the dishes, prepare their cereal, make their milk, or take out the trash. It is also important to make sure that you show your kids how much you appreciate everyone’s help, no matter how simple and easy. It will make them inspired to do bigger tasks.

3. Prep your mornings

For working mothers, mornings are like going into the war. The secret to winning this is to finish everything that you could by night. Prepare everything that you will need in the morning before you go to sleep. This includes packing lunches, preparing the clothes of your family, and making sure that their homework is finished. It will also be better to train your kids to get themselves ready. It would help to make a chart to keep them guided during their first tries.

4. Have me-time

Just because you are a mom with a full-time job, does not mean that you are not allowed to have a me-time. You will need your me-time the most now that your balancing being a mom and a career woman. Other members of the family should also have some time alone for them to think about the day and keep themselves calm.

5. Plan your work schedule

When you are a working mother, it is important to balance work and family. Your career life should not take up a lot of your family time and responsibilities. Avoid taking too much overtime work. Compromise with your boss and co-workers, so you do not have to go home late every day. If you need to work late, talk to your spouse and take turns when working late.

6. Create a meal plan

Avoid going into spontaneous grocery shopping, and make sure that you have planned your meals for the week. This will make it easier for you to shop for your groceries once a week, at most. Choose meals that are easy to prepare. If you are going to prepare or cook your meals, you can do double the recipe. This allows you to save another half the next day. Save one-dish meals for nights when you are too tired to cook. If you are having a more demanding night than usual, it is always an option to order some food. You can also teach kids to prepare your dinner as they grow older.

7. Go out on a date

Aside from being a mom and a full-time employee, do not forget that you are also a woman who has a husband. Keep the fire going and still go out on dates with your husband. Having kids should not hinder your romance. It does not also mean that you are done with it. Get a babysitter and have the night alone for you and your husband.

Breathe and take it easy

You will encounter a lot of struggles and mistakes that you may think you are not doing enough. Just take a deep breath, relax, and cut yourself some slack. No one is a perfect mother, and everyone is still in the process of learning. These tips are here to help you get into a clearer perspective and help you out if you are feeling overwhelmed. Trust the process and learn as you go. It is also important to have a solid support system whom you can trust.

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