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5 Great Places To Visit In The Middle East This Year

5 Great Places To Visit In The Middle East This Year

Great Places To Visit In The Middle East This Year – The Middle East is largely uncharted territory for many tourists and for this reason makes a great destination for a holiday. People grow tired of the same old ‘one size fits all’ holiday and for the more intrepid traveler the Middle East offers a world of intrigue with ancient cities, stunning vistas as well as a rich and varied history. If you have never considered the Middle East a holiday destination, we would urge you to think again. Please see below for a selection of destinations which are well worth visiting if you hear the Middle East calling.

5 Great Places To Visit In The Middle East

  1. Dubai, UAE – Without a doubt the most popular destination for travelers to this region, Dubai is a shock to the senses. Arriving by plane you will see a super modern city that almost appears to emerge from the desert before your eyes but when you actually land you will immediately realise why Dubai is so popular with tourists and expats alike. From 6 Star hotels to the best shopping malls in the world there really is no place like it on earth. It’s not just about shopping and luxury hotels though, old Dubai with its souks and gold markets transport you back to scenes that have existed for hundreds if not thousands of years.
  2. Qatar – Qatar is a gas rich nation that’s not really on the radar of most travelers, but this is set to change. With an idyllic coastline and ultra-modern Islamic inspired architecture, this country is certainly worth a visit, either as a short stopover or as a place to witness your World Cup betting 2022 punts come to fruition in person as Qatar is the host country for the soccer World Cup this year.
  3. Saudi Arabia – Saudi Arabia was previously a no-go zone for foreign travelers but there are big changes in progress. As part of the Vision 2030 initiative launched by King Salman, Saudi Arabia has taken the first steps in opening up this previously closed country to tourists from around the world. If you want to experience a culture and history that not many have ever experienced, Saudi Arabia could be just what you’ve been looking for.
  4. Bahrain – The Kingdom of Bahrain is an island country officially positioned in Western Asia and offers a lot more western style freedoms in comparison to some of its neighbors. Aside from Dubai, Bahrain offers a somewhat more western experience of the Arabian Peninsula and is commonly visited by Saudi based foreign workers and people who take advantage of the stopovers offered by regional airlines.
  5. Oman – Oman, formerly a British Protectorate, is a fascinating country situated on the southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula. With friendly locals, a rich culture and miles of unspoilt coastline, Oman is a gentle place where you can relax and take life at your own pace. Largely traditional, Oman is highly recommended for those want to explore the real Middle East with the minimal amount of hassle.


If this concise Middle East travel guide has whetted your appetite for an Arabian odyssey, search online for more in-depth information regarding your destination of choice. Although many countries in the region offer relatively easy access for tourists, it’s worth checking country specific visa regulations before you pack your bags!

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