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Exploring the Genetics and Characteristics of Sour Tsunami Hemp
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Exploring the Genetics and Characteristics of Sour Tsunami Hemp

Sour Tsunami Hemp – The Sour Tsunami cannabis strain is a distinct and fascinating cannabis strain recognized for its peculiar qualities, which contribute to its current global ubiquity. This strain stands out for those looking to use cannabis for therapeutic purposes due to its unrivaled high CBD content. In this article, we will examine the Sour Tsunami hemp flower’s genetics and distinctive characteristics that make it stand out from its contemporaries.

What Is the Genetic Makeup of Sour Tsunami?

Three strains—Sour Diesel, NYC Diesel, and Ferrari—were crossed to create Sour Tsunami hemp flower. These three sativa-dominant strains are what give Sour Tsunami its status as a sativa-dominant hybrid strain. The traits of the Tsunami strain are influenced by each of these parents. The “Sour” in Sour Tsunami’s name and its sour-like scent are a result of the Sour Diesel influence. The Ferrari is a strain that contributes to the CBD-dominant profile of this cannabis plant. The scent is influenced by the NYC Diesel strain.

What Are the Characteristics of Sour Tsunami?

The distinctive qualities of Sour Tsunami seeds make them special and among the most sought-after varieties by cannabis enthusiasts. More specifically, any Sour Tsunami strain review focuses on these traits. Let’s look at them below.


The trichomes, which are tiny crystal-like structures that carry THC and terpenes, are generally present on the buds of Sour Tsunami. These buds are typically vivid green and frequently have shades of darker green or purple. Its shape and size are usually medium compared to buds from other strains, and the green buds are interlaced with rust-colored hairs, or pistils.

Flavor and aroma

Its parent strains, Sour Diesel and NYC Diesel, gave it a strong citrus flavor with a background fragrance that is similar to diesel. Furthermore, it contains delicate herbal and earthy undertones that enhance the flavor. When smoked or vaporized, it has a flavor that is sweet with undertones of citrus and lemon. It also has hints of pine or woodiness. The Sour Tsunami’s particular flavor and aroma are influenced by its genetic makeup.

Therapeutic benefits

Because Sour Tsunami contains high-quality CBD, it provides consumers with all of the benefits of this compound. It can therefore be used to treat and alleviate a variety of conditions including stress, anxiety, inflammation, and chronic pain.

High CBD content

The CBD content of the Tsunami strain is high. Its CBD content varies, ranging from 10% to 20% or even more in some situations. The Tsunami strain is effective and sought after by those looking for therapeutic benefits because of its significant CBD concentration.

Low THC content

THC levels in Sour Tsunami are rather low. The level is often less than 0.3% except in Tsunami weed strain varieties. As a result of the strain’s minimal THC content, Sour Tsunami complies with all applicable hemp laws. Furthermore, this strain’s low THC content prevents it from having the same intoxicating effects as cannabis strains with high THC levels.


This article has gone into detail about the genetics and properties of Sour Tsunami. With these details, you have a thorough understanding of the strain. It is crucial to remember that the Tsunami cannabis strain might vary slightly based on the particular genotype and growing circumstances.

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