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Can Gaming Improve Your Career?

Can Gaming Improve Your Career?

Gaming Career – New research has found that playing the popular video game World of Warcraft can help employees thrive when working together in virtual teams. While video games have long been thought to be a distraction from work, any avid gamer knows that you can turn this hobby into a great career. And, the latest study has found that playing certain games can help people develop a range of skills that can improve their workplace performance. Some of the main skills that you can use at work and get better at from playing more videogames include:

Problem Solving Skills

If you want to improve your problem solving skills at work and in your personal life, then it might be worth investing in one of the top 5 Lenovo gaming laptops. Gaming can be a great way to build better problem solving skills, especially if you like playing puzzle games or strategy games, which can be excellent for training your brain as you can’t move up to the next level without solving a problem.

Faster Decision Making

In many careers, good decision makers often climb further up the ladder. Research conducted by the University of Rochester suggests that video games might be a good way to train people working in occupations where making the right decisions quickly is vital, such as surgeons or soldiers. This is because the decisions we make when playing an action video game are no less accurate than the ones we make in real life. When making decisions in video games, you’re training your brain to make better ones.

Make More Accurate Decisions

Along with training your brain to make decisions that are faster, video games can also go a long way when it comes to training your brain to make quicker decisions, without any less accuracy. Considering the fast-paced world that we live in, and the quick-paced nature of many workplace environments in place today, this can be significant benefit for your career.

Reasoning and Learning Skills

When playing video games, you can develop your ability to try out new things, learn something new, and put different theories to the test to see how well something is going to work. Gamers tend to be constantly trying out new combinations in their games, and developing new hypotheses if the old one doesn’t work. These ‘goal driven experiences’ are fundamental to learning, and as you get better at them, you can apply them to real life.

Long-Term Goal Setting

Many video games come with long term goals for players to achieve. Playing games like this can make it easier for you to set realistic career goals in your real life and work towards achieving them. When gaming, players learn to keep their long-term goals in mind when they are dealing with immediate issues that come up, which develops a mindset that’s necessary for higher business positions and entrepreneurship.

While video gaming is viewed by most as a hobby that is fun to do when you’re not at work, research has found that several types of gaming can actually train your brain to develop better career skills.

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