FedEx Corporation is an American multinational delivery service company is based in Memphis, Tennessee.

The name “FedEx” is a syllable abbreviation for the name FedEx Express, the company’s original airline division, used from 1973 to 2000.

This company is famous for its transportation services.

And also, It is a developing system that could track packages and provide real-time updates on their location.

Most other carrier services have now implemented this feature.

In FedEx, you will be taken to exactly “if the delivery status is pending.”

It means that the carrier will process it. It is on hold when the delivery is first scanned and received from the manufacturer.

However, it will use this condition to initiate logistics functions and ship packages from your location to your destination. ”

What does the delivery date mean?

  • The estimated delivery date is the scheduled delivery date. It is in the detailed table.
  • However, the estimated delivery date is determined when UPS receives the delivery information.
  • In the event of an exception changing this date, will be provided a rescheduled delivery date.
  • When the cargo arrives at its destination, you can find it using the actual delivery date filter option.

FedEx waiting for delivery

  • Does the FedEx tracking system say “waiting for delivery”?
  • It means that the delivery schedule for the package is not yet ready and waiting to be processed.
  • The good news is that he is about to reach his destination. The bad news is that it is not ready to ship. Not yet.

FedEx scheduled delivery pending

  • The package has been delayed and is being delivered to its destination.
  • It seems to have a parcel that needs to be signed, or the driver thought it was unsafe to put it on the door.
  • However, it strives to provide you with the option of specifying the time to meet with you at home.
  • Picking up and receiving packages from your FedEx office or Walgreens vessel.

Why did FedEx Express shipping method change from Hold to Pending?

When I trace the goods online for the first time, I have an estimated delivery date.

If your shipment is delayed or abnormal, it may be due to some reasons

  1. FedEx delivery pending may be due to the weather.
  2. Or the package was on the wrong path.
  3. The package appears to have been lost or opened.
  4. FedEx delivery date undetermined.

When the FedEx package did not arrive on the expected date, there is no estimated date available, and the status is still unclear.

However, It means that the reservation of the package is not yet ready and pending.

Causes to keep in mind for the delay of the shipment

  • Here are the few causes to keep in attention when a planned shipment is pending:

1. Delayed Shipping

  • It is the shipment record for later processing. It allows you to enter your shipping information in advance and print a label when your package is ready to ship.

2. FedEx changes the status from “Planned” to “Delivered” and “Pending.”

  • If the delivery status delays, it means that the shipping courier is processing it.
  • However,  it uses this status to initiate a logistics function to get the package from that location to the expected destination.

3. FedEx’s Refund Policy

  • FedEx will do its best to ensure that your shipment arrives at its destination on time.
  • Even if the maximum time you miss to post or quote is 60 seconds, the Money Back Guarantee Policy also applies.
  • You can now use our online billing tool to submit a money-back guarantee request.
  • However, FedEx Express International Packages have a money-back guarantee. It applies to all kinds of deferred projects.

How could the package reach the destination?

  • Having missed a week of delivery, contact the warehouse.
  • The only way of finally getting the package was to run the shipping department or the sales department which imported the package.
  • The good news is there a direct phone number in the current warehouse and the manager’s names.

Why did my FedEx package stop in transit after the scheduled date?

  • It means that the package will no longer show improvements to the destination. It is either stored in the courier’s warehouse or locked in customs.
  • So, whenever the status changes from scheduled delivery to pending delivery, we must use our tracking number to track the package’s quality online.
  • If you don’t have a tracking number to check the shipping status, please refer to this guide.
  • However, It allows you to access the latest shipping information. You can also wait in this case.

FedEx plans to start deliveries in 2021

    • For more information about your shipment, please contact FedEx customer service EMEA
    • FedEx shipping terms are available at
    • And also, for FedEx vehicles, the package is sent to the FedEx driver and delivered to the recipient.

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