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Excellent Features that you should use in Office 365
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Excellent Features that you should use in Office 365

Excellent Features that you should use in Office 365 – Office 365 comes along with a complete list of applications that will make you and your co-workers extra productive. As users are familiar with Office applications for several years, it is easy to stick to the traditional ways. Once a user gets adapted to a different interface, they want to use their desired application in a similar manner.

However, you may be missing out on some excellent features that can transform the way you manage things at work. While migrating to Office 365 or even while carrying out Office 365 Tenant to Tenant Migration you should be aware of its complete potential and benefit for your business.

Hence, here are some of the excellent features that you should use in Office 365:

1. Instant replying to email without opening it

Authorize the reading pane in Outlook to revert to an email without opening it. The reading pane will display a preview of the email content, click the Reply button, and input your response in the same Outlook window. Connect these functions with the conversations view and you can check whether you have already replied to an email or not. You will not have to open separate windows for every message.

2. Chat with co-workers in Office apps

Skype in-app integration in Office 2016 apps feature allows you to chat, have audio/video conferences, and share screens with your co-workers. And even when you shut it down, you can resume the discussion via Skype on your desktop or mobile phone.

3. Instead of sending entire files, inserting links to saved files

Upload your data to cloud storage in Office 365. Draft an email by utilizing Outlook (or Outlook Web App). As an alternative to attaching a file, input the links to the file on your cloud. Outlook will by default allow edit authority to the users you are emailing. You can edit the permissions whenever you need.

4. 50GB of email storage

Each user receives 50GB of storage with Exchange Online to store emails, tasks, notes, calendars, attachments, contacts, etc. You can conserve more space in your mailbox with the help of OneDrive cloud storage to distribute attachments. You can also use a Cloud Desktop a as a Service to increase the productivity and potential of work.

5. Converting your mouse to a laser pointer in PowerPoint presentations

Simply use the keyboard shortcut (CTRL+P) to convert your mouse into a laser pointer while giving PowerPoint presentations. You can also make use of the Presenter Mode controls. This functionality has been a component of PowerPoint for several years but was lately integrated for devices having touch-screen. When you hold your stylus or finger down on the screen, the red dot laser pointer will appear.

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