Effective Self-Defense Tips That Can Help Save Your Life – “Hand over everything you’ve got! Don’t make a move, or else, you are going to get it…”

It was a cold winter’s evening in Philly when I stepped out of the restaurant with my fiancée and was apprehended by a burly man in the parking lot.

The thing is nothing can prepare you for something like this until it happens to you. I did what I thought would save our lives. He walked away with two iPhones, an iPod, around seven hundred dollars in cash, and most importantly, the engagement ring I had gifted to my fiancée.

I realized that self-defense could have helped me avoid such an incident. Post that incident, I tried hard to look at this aspect and would want to share with you some of my learnings.

The Importance of Learning about Self-Defense in 2021

Crime rates are increasing! That is a fact that has been stated by almost everyone from the FBI to the Justice Department.

The pandemic is leading to increased crime rates-

With the COVID-19 Pandemic resulting in massive layoffs and economic distress, people are looking to indulge in crimes to fend for themselves.

Less densely populated areas due to the pandemic-

You also need to take into consideration that the pandemic is not over. In other words, people are still hesitant to be in public making many areas very appear sparse. This is perfect grounds for any miscreant looking to make a fast buck by pulling a gun on you.

Personal losses- financial, physical, and mental trauma-

If you are aware of the basics of self-defense, you can easily mitigate a situation that might result in personal and financial loss. By taking the right actions, you will be able to save yourself and the person you are with.

List of 5 Effective Self-Defense Tips that can help save your life

1. Being Aware of your Immediate Environment-

It is sensible that you avoid traveling out late at night, at least till the pandemic is over. Planning your journey, finding out about the location, looking at public transport availability, etc, are some ways that can help you be aware of your environment. If you feel that a location is unsafe to travel alone, avoid it, or if you must, request a friend to accompany you.

2. Keeping a Concealed Carry for Self-Defense-

Most self-defense experts point out that in states that allow for concealed carry, residents should make the most use out of it. You do not need to use the weapon to guarantee your safety. Miscreants will feel scared to get anywhere near you if you are carrying. Many people use this holster thing to carry in a concealed manner. This is not known to the public but ensures safety.

3. Having a Positive Body Language-

When I was getting robbed, I made the mistake of coming across as too timid or weak. Yes, it had happened to me for the first time. In hindsight, I should have been a bit more positive in my body language. Self-defense experts suggest that body language and confidence are something that miscreants look for in their victims. They only approach the ones that come across as being fearful.

4. Use your Voice to deter the Attacker-

Using words like ‘No’. ‘Getaway’, ‘Backup’ in a loud voice can help in attracting the attention of people in the neighborhood. You need to understand that the attacker is as much fear about getting caught as you are about getting robbed. Do not think twice before raising the pitch of your voice and trying to scare away the attacker. This can ensure your safety.

5. Try and Negotiate for a Bargain-

Yes, I know it is easier said than done when you are dealing with someone who has a gun pointing at you. However, again drawing from my own experience, I would like to point out that had I negotiated with my attacker, I could just have been able to save my fiancées’ engagement ring. I could have maybe handed over more cash or promised something else.

The Bottom Line

Many of the self-defense articles you read would tell you to learn karate or judo to simply physically overpower your attacker. To be very honest, none of this would work if you are dealing with an armed attacker, which is 90% of all the time. More than learning how to karate, you need to back up your self-defense with far more serious items like a concealed carry or home security systems.