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Dogs and Fireworks Anxiety: How To Deal With It
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Dogs and Fireworks Anxiety: How To Deal With It

Dogs and Fireworks Anxiety: How To Deal With It – No matter how large, strong and tough your canine might be, there is one thing that will probably always scare it. I am, of course, talking about fireworks. It’s not difficult to understand why canines are scared of this noise that usually comes with no announcements and out of nowhere. Frankly, it can even startle people sometimes, but the difference is that we can understand what’s going on, which makes us feel safe the moment we realize that the noise is coming from fireworks.

Dogs, on the other hand, cannot comprehend this, which means that it is your responsibility to help it and try and make it feel safe when those start popping. There are a lot of tips you can use, including those listed by this useful source, in order to deal with firework anxiety that switches on the moment your canine hears that first loud noise. You will also find some useful tips listed below, so I say keep on reading to learn how to keep your dog calm and collected in these situations.

If you are expecting me to offer you a miracle, though, then you definitely shouldn’t read on. That’s because I don’t have a magical potion that could solve this issue in no time. Of course, nobody has such a potion, meaning that you will just have to do with what you have. The good news is, this problem is very much solvable. You just need to put a lot of effort into it and be patient, because nothing will change overnight.

Now that you understand that I am not here to give you a magical cure for your dog’s firework anxiety, here’s what I have to say. There are various methods that will help you deal with this issue. Some of those will require you to be present and employ certain calming techniques, while others will consist of giving your dogs certain healthy and useful products that could get rid of those anxious feelings. My advice is to use all of those methods and, of course, think of hiring a trainer if necessary. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, though, and let’s start with the basics.

1. Create A Safe Spot

The very first thing that you should definitely do is create a safe spot for your dog in your home. This should be an area where it can feel completely comfortable and secure, no matter what it is that’s going on outside. Creating this spot is necessary not only to deal with anxiety, but simply because every single dog should have a designated area like that, regardless of whether they are prone to fear or not. It’s one of the first things you should do once you bring a new puppy home.

Here’s more about how to care for puppies:

When thinking about how and where to set up this safe spot, there are a few things that you should take into consideration. First of all, you should find a spot that is as far away from windows as possible, because that way your dog won’t be too exposed to the noise that the fireworks will make. Don’t forget to equip the den with its favorite toys and possibly some treats, because those will help your canine feel much more comfortable and safe.

2. Comfort The Animal

Some owners have a tendency to yell at their canines when they start acting out due to fear, which is definitely the worst possible thing you can do. Instead, try comforting your animal by petting them with long and soothing strokes, as well as by using a soothing voice. Try not to appear afraid yourself and don’t act frantically, because your dog will read that in the wrong way and start thinking that there really is a threat that they should be concerned about. The key is in remaining calm yourself, and your canine will pick up on that behavior.

3. Camouflage The Noise

If at all possible, you should try and camouflage the noise at least to a certain extent. Now, this method is definitely possible when you know that there are going to be fireworks, so make sure to get properly prepared for New Year’s Eve and similar celebrations. The trick is in using a white noise machine or playing some soothing music, but up the volume enough for the firework noise to be muffled. This might not always work, but it is worth the shot.

4. Introduce Certain Products

In case you’ve noticed that your canine has become extremely anxious and that it is afraid of a lot of noises, including fireworks, there is one question that is probably swirling around your mind. The question is – what can I give my dog for anxiety? There is absolutely nothing wrong in introducing certain products to deal with this issue. In fact, sometimes those products are not only recommended, but also necessary.

One of the products that you should think about introducing is known as CBD oil. Of course, you can think about other types of Cannabidiol products as well, since the point is for your canine to consume that calming and soothing substance, regardless of the form of the product. Research shows that Cannabidiol can help dogs deal with fireworks anxiety, as well as any other types of anxiety disorders, which means that it can be rather useful for every fearful canine.

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