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Digital Data: Definition, Advantages, Disadvantages, and More

Digital Data: Definition, Advantages, Disadvantages, and More


The digital data are variables that can only take values from a discrete range, representing whole numbers.

For example the number of inhabitants of a city, the number of children of a person etc. can be taken as Digital data.

A dotted line represents digital data graphically.

Mathematically, all digital data can will be representing with whole numbers.

Specifically, digital computers work with binary digits, called bits.

What are the Advantages of Digital Data?

  • Among all the advantages that digital transformation produces in companies, I want to highlight the following:
  • New work methodologies are creating in companies, both for clients, workers, and users.
  • Creating work methodologies and automating leads to the creation of more productive companies.
  • Technology allows a much faster response to the changes that take place.
  • Big data and data analysis aids in decision-making, helps in reducing errors and prevents business failure.
  • The departments work much more interconnected and with a common focus, leading to a clear orientation to innovation.

What to offer?

  • Once we define our product or service, we must think about the most appropriate online campaign type.
  • Like that of the competition, the information obtained from the market will help us decide what action to take.
  • We believed that a cost-per-click campaign to have visits to our website was going to be successful.
    But by obtaining market data, users are best captured by running a cost-per-thousand re-marketing campaign.

Where to aim?

  • The information we obtain will help us see the geographical area with the most excellent chances of success.
  • We may think that the city is the best destination to launch our digital action plan, but what if our product or service outside the city has little accessibility and is a great opportunity?
  • The use of data will also provide us with in-depth details of the profile of the consumer with the most significant potential

What is the best way to reach my target?

  • Through advertising on devices or computers, on websites or in applications, with still images or animated videos, with intense colors or not.
  • And so we could continue with an extensive list.
  • We currently have a wide variety of ways to reach our target audience.
  • Users’ reaction or the competition to our past actions will provide us with crucial information to know which path is the best.

Best time to exercise my strategy?

  • The information collected, such as reports on the period in the year with the highest sales helps in making strategies.
  • It can help us to think about which days are the best to implement my plan.
  • The use of data will be crucial to know the year and the best time to implement our strategy.

What are the Disadvantages of Digital Data?

  • Digital transformation has long ceased to be an option to become a necessity for companies that want to continue to exist within a few years
  • And want to work more efficiently by improving processes and taking advantage of the needs of digitization.
  • If we had to talk about a disadvantage, we could talk about the urgent need to be always attentive to apply all the changes.
  • And it evolves at the rate that new technologies do and that digital transformation requires.
  • However, if we had to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of digital transformation, without a doubt, the benefits are much greater than the need to stay updated.

How does Digital Data Help Marketers?

  • Digital data helps marketers to act at the right time
  • According to the Bain & Company study, European marketing companies manage technology internally and seek advice from IT specialists to reach their customers at the right time.
  • However, how do you know when is the right time to connect with customers?
  • The answer lies in digital information.
  • More than a third of marketers in the EMEA region agree that it is critically important to understand better and reach customers to achieve your marketing goals over the next three years.
  • To do this, the first thing these professionals must do is gather relevant digital information.
  • Also, to act and reach users at the right time, you need the right platform.
  • Marketers can use digital information to understand user intent and know precisely when to show relevant and eye-catching ads that are most likely to achieve their goals.

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