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The Top 3 Different Types of Poker You Can Play in an Online Casino

The Top 3 Different Types of Poker You Can Play in an Online Casino

The Top 3 Different Types of Poker You Can Play in an Online Casino – No casino is complete without poker. You will never find a casino, online or offline, without a poker table. Poker has been the perfect pass time, even outside the casinos. And that’s why you find more poker games on sites like Betway. In fact, many like to go and play a poker match on the Betway app. You don’t have to wait for your friends to come over to your home in the evening – you can play when you want!

3 Popular Types of Poker Online

Did you know there are several different types of poker? Yes, and today we are about to discuss some popular forms of poker that you can find online! You might have seen some of these pokers being played in movies and soap operas.

1. Texas Hold ’em

We will start the list with the most popular type of poker, Texas Hold ’em. You are sure to find this poker on any given online casino site. The pros and beginners will be familiar with this type of poker as popularized by television and movies.

The ease of the rules and gameplay make it appealing to all the players. Because of its immense popularity, you will ease find a lot of informational material online and offline. And with the trend of online casinos, the Texas Hold ’em fan base has been widening. As you might know, the winner is the one with the best five-card hand.

2. Omaha Hi

Omaha Hi follows Texas Hold ’em in terms of popularity. The “hi” refers to the fact that the entire pot is awarded to the highest hand. Typically, Omaha hi is played as a pot-limit game (fixed limit), commonly known as PLO (Pot Limit Omaha).

This poker form is played exactly like Texas Hold ’em but with a slight difference. In Omaha hi, players are dealt four hole cards, unlike two hole cards in Hold ’em. As you have more cards, assembling a good hand becomes easier. However, you will not find many casinos that offer pot-limit Omaha. Some offer it as their second poker form.

3. Omaha Hi-Lo

Many players might know Omaha Hi-Lo by the name of Omaha 8-or-Better. This variant of Omaha is similar to Omaha Hi. But here, the pot is divided equally between the player that holds the highest hand and the player with the lowest hand. Of course, specific rules are to be followed while making the highest and lowest hands. The cards that make up the lower hand should be lesser than 8.

If you are looking for poker types that are challenging to play, you should give Omaha Hi-Lo a shot. However, it is not as popular as Omaha Hi. You will find this in selected poker rooms and also in big tournaments or events.

Some of the other types of poker games you can try out include the 5-Card Draw, the 5-Card Omaha and the Badugi. Which one’s your favorite of these all?

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