Introduction to Calculator

A calculator is an electronic device used for making mathematical calculations. It was invented by Blaise Pascal. Most calculators add, subtract, multiply, and divide, but some contain square root symbols. It has an input device name as a keyboard. Visual display shows the output.

Definition of a Calculator

It is an electronic or mechanical device that performs simple calculations automatically and is also controlled by the user’s keyboard. They are as follow:-

scientific calculator:

These are use in both educational and professional fields as the design in a desktop or hand-held manner.

Graphic calculator

These are use to perform graph calculations and is a mathematical tool that requires a lot of graphs, like calculus.

Financial calculators:

These computers are designee to solve financial problems like record keeping.

Basic calculator:

These are known as pocket calculators as they are small. These are the least expensive calculators.

 Advantages of  Calculator

 Quickly and Efficiently:

It’s allows everyone to solve problems quickly and also efficiently.


It does not discourage the topics but also always entertains people to solve their sums easily and quickly.


Therefore It can give correct and also accurate answers better than human beings.

Cheap and Affordable

Everyone can buy it as it is affordable and costs low.

Time-saving gadgets

They perform the task in a fraction of a second as they are time-saving gadgets.

Disadvantages of a Calculator

Limited battery:

As we know, it’s work on batteries or cells with little battery life. They cannot work for extended periods.


We should not depend on as they solve operations instantly.


so it is one of the most significant disadvantages of a calculator, which allows you to store information like notes and formulas. This provides an opportunity to store unofficial information to cheat.

High cost:

Compare to digital calculators, scientific, graphic, and financial calculators are too costly as they are  also advance in nature.


This topic covers information about the calculator for exact real computation numbers and implementation. A single-user interface has created to calculate the value to get correct and accurate answers.