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Abacus – Types and More

Abacus – Types and More


Abacus is a simple device, one of the most essential tools in the historic age.

It is also called a counting frame. Abacus is a brain study program that helps students improve their mental skills by doing the calculations made with the beads or counters instead of numbers.

 Definition: It is a simple device for calculating the terms, which consists of a frame with rows of wires along which beads.

Types of Abacus

Here are some of the types

Soroban : This type has one beat in the top row and four in the bottom.

Russian : It is also called Stschoty and is still horizontally used to do calculations, which does not have rows separated. It has almost ten to fourteen rows.

Chinese : This type is also known as the suanpan abacus, which has two rows at the top and five at the bottom.

Below are some of the merits

It makes the brain work faster: It is an excellent tool that makes the students learn more quickly.

It also improves the brain’s speed in the long term.

Two-way concentration: It helps to develop a two-way engagement in students, by which we can focus on a given task without getting distracted. It helps us to solve the problem mentally before we present it on paper.

High accuracy and speed in calculations: It is a tool by which we can learn things faster, more accurately, and with less frustration. It uses numbers rather than symbols and can calculate and give accurate answers.

Here are some demerits

Inability to solve advanced mathematics: As we know, an abacus can solve arithmetic problems brilliantly, but it cannot deal with complicated advanced questions.

You can’t learn an abacus without a tool. It is impossible to solve problems without using the abacus.

It can be confusing: The Abacus can be confusing for the first time. This can be a drawback to calculating through the abacus.

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