The Ultimate Checklist For Switching to Vaping – With nearly 1 million vapers in the UK, there are more people vaping than ever. But with the market expanding so rapidly, it can be challenging to separate fact from fiction when it comes to Vaping. This essential checklist will help you make a smooth transition from smoking to vaping.

Probably one of the most important things to do before you start or switch to vaping is quit smoking. Although switching from cigarettes is very much possible without quitting smoking altogether, you’re going to have a far easier time if you stop using tobacco at the same time that you start vaping. As well as removing all tobacco products from your house and making sure that your friends and family know what’s going on for them not to buy any cigs for you.

The first step on your road to vaping should be looking into vape juice with variable nicotine levels. Going from 20+ cigarettes a day down to zero by puffing on an e cigarette means two things – firstly your body needs time to adjust because you’re removing a long-time abuser of your body, and secondly – you’ll need to experiment with the nicotine levels in the vape juice you buy. Doing so will enable you to slowly wean yourself off traditional cigarettes and reduce how much nicotine you intake daily.

The ultimate checklist for switching to vaping

There are 9 points that everyone considering this switch should consider:

1. The thought of quitting altogether is too much for you right now;

If you just don’t feel like stopping smoking right now, go ahead and make the switch anyway. You can always stop later on if you wish. Smoking is an addiction after all, and it’s only natural for vapers who used to smoke to continue craving nicotine. So if you don’t feel like quitting just yet, just vape instead of smoking – it’s not a problem!

2. You want to save money on e-cigs and vape juice;

If you’re trying to cut down on how much you spend each month, vaping is worth considering. With vaping devices from as little as £15, and vape juice coming in at under £10 for a 50ml bottle, vapes will always be cheaper than cigarettes, click for more
aquavape vape liquid.

3. You’ve been smoking less over the last few months or years;

while there’s no ‘safe’ time to smoke even if your life depended on it if you have noticed that your habit has been scaling back lately this may be a good opportunity to make the switch. In addition, if you are looking for a drug rehab new jersey you can find them by using internet.

4. Your friends already vape;

It’s always easier to try something new when everyone you hang around with is also doing it. If all your smoking buddies are now into vaping, that makes the idea of making the switch much less daunting! Plus, there are lots of benefits in e-cigarettes for social situations; they’re odorless and can be enjoyed indoors without having to step outside like with regular cigarettes. So if all your pals already vape, why not join them?

5. You’ve considered vaping before but want more information;

If you’ve thought about switching previously but want to know more before committing, you can find more information here. This guide will go through each stage of the process so by the time you come out on the other side you’ll be fully prepared and will have made an educated decision on whether vaping is for you.

6. You don’t want to smell like smoke anymore; 

While we’re sure you’re used to the way cigarettes smell by now, most people aren’t and will be happy to know that e-cigarettes and vape juice smell nothing like actual smoke. And if your friends/family/co-workers are anything like us they’ll be grateful too!

7. Your senses of taste and smell will improve over time;

Many ex-smokers who switch to vaping find their senses gradually become more sensitive than they were whilst smoking. While the effects aren’t immediate, many assert that this benefit alone makes switching worth it as food tastes much better.

8. You want to live a healthier life;

Smoking has been established as being one of the most dangerous habits anyone can have, and it’s no secret that the chemicals in cigarettes cause all kinds of health problems. With vaping, you’ll still be inhaling nicotine but that’s about it – there are no additives or harmful chemicals involved with vaping at all! So making the switch will make a positive impact on your overall well-being.

9. You want to exercise more;

Whether it’s at home or in the gym, there are plenty of ways people have discovered they can work out longer and harder since making the switch. From getting more done at home (e.g. exercising whilst watching TV) to trying new activities like rock climbing, lots of vapers say that they simply enjoy physical activity more than ever before now that vaping is an option for them too!

The ultimate checklist for switching to vaping


If you’re still reading this you’re probably not quite ready to quit, but if you’re convinced it’s time, be kind to yourself and go for it! It takes a few weeks of being smoke-free before your taste and smell start to come back, but you’ll be glad to know it’s worth the wait.