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Celebrities – Private Lives of Stars, History, Goals And More

Celebrities – Private Lives of Stars, History, Goals And More

About Celebrities

Celebrities are well-known personalities. The term is derived from Latin “celeber,” which means “much-discussed,” “known,” or “famous.”

They want to grab attention and engage an audience. However, celebrities and stars must be distinguished, celebrities can be called the preliminary stages of the stars.

Anyone who is a star is also considered a celebrity, but someone who is a celebrity does not have star status for a long time.

Celebrities love to pass themselves off as Mr. and Mrs. Everyone, which they will never be again.

The most excellent stylists on the planet surround the celebrities, who often have a keen sense of fashion.

Stars offer us looks that are sometimes inspiring and sometimes extravagant.

It is such a reassuring feeling to see celebrities leading everyday lives in modest homes, sharing their money with those in need, and not bragging about their fortunes.

Private lives of celebrities or stars

  • The main problem with being a celebrity is the lack of privacy. There is a VIP service for stars at the airport.
  • There will be a remote terminal for the stars that exist one kilometer from the main space.
  • You can hire a security service to go incognito.
  • In order not to be spotted, celebrities very regularly change their phone number and make contact with each other through their agents.
  • They also often use private and secret Instagram and Twitter accounts!
  • Divorce of stars, royal births, stair climbs in Cannes, Oscars ceremony.
  • The small world of celebrities intrigues and even fascinates.
  • A pleasure most of the time guilty but which nevertheless touches the most incredible world.
  • Living humbly means the tendency to save and help those in need and raise funds for non-profit organizations.
  • Even being popular all over the world and earning millions doesn’t spoil the character.

Celebrity marketing: a technique popular with brands

  • In recent decades, “celebrity marketing” has gradually established itself in our advertising.
  • This technique consists, quite entirely, in creating a partnership between a brand and a “star.” Initially used in the luxury sector, it has, over the years, conquered all fields: cosmetics, food, optics
  • The term “celebrity marketing” comes from English. It expresses marketing actions related to a famous person. “Celebrities are people who specialize in their field than comparable people in the same field.”
  • Celebrities certainly lend their image and their “qualities,” which the company will often associate with the products it wishes to sell.
  • Therefore, firms must choose their partners and have as their main criterion “the sharing of brand values” to convey a positive image to the consumer.

The history of celebrity advertising or marketing

  • Advertising with celebrities is not a new invention. It is almost as old as advertising itself.
  • The need to conduct public relations work to sell products only arose when a large sales market was set up in 1834 with the established customs union.
  • Celebrity marketing increases the sales of a brand and stands out from the competition.
  • It is advantageous to have a relationship as possible with a known person or group of people.

Goals of celebrity advertising or marketing

  • “Celebrities in advertising can be a very efficient means of emotionally charging products to certain target groups and positioning them as ‘must-haves.'”
  • Certain qualities, such as sympathy, wealth, and success, should rub off on the product.
  • Women, younger people, and lower and middle-class income groups are particularly susceptible to celebrity advertising.
  • And although the demand for celebrity advertising increased tenfold in the years 1997 to 2002.
  • The potential to make a product so desirable with celebrities’ help has not been exhausted for a long time.

People as a brand

  • Today’s celebrities have to compete against ever-stricter competition, as more and more and very quickly new personalities are emerging.
  • This makes long-term and promising positioning more difficult.
  • Even politicians and athletes are now being marketed like a product. Because they, too, are afraid of being forgotten.
  • The unique qualities or achievements of such people are no longer sufficient to keep the conversation going.
  • On the other hand, fans are continually trying to be as close to their star as possible by making him part of their lives through fan articles.
  • And advertising exactly fulfills this desire for closeness to the star. The underlying concepts for implementation are called “personality marketing,” “celebrity marketing,” or only “people as a brand.”
  • The aim is to create a unique image of the celebrity in the media and the fans’ minds.
  • This celebrity should then also be recognizable as a consumer item, for example, through a specific, legally protected name, hairstyle, or other personal characteristics.
  • Either because the member of this target group also has this characteristic in their own opinion or because they would like to have it.

From stars to influencers, there is only one step

  • Today, with a connected generation, it is also, and above all, the influencers taking center stage and increasingly sought after by brands.
  • Millions of people follow the influencers present on Instagram, You tube, or blogs.
  • This gives rise to beneficial partnerships for brands like Maybelline from the L’Oréal group, which has decided to
    partner with the first beauty You Tuber in France, Enjoy-Phoenix.
  • Addressing influencers is equivalent to managing a more extensive but also loyal audience.
  • Thus, some brands offer their products free of charge to specific influencers to test them or even promote them in articles or videos.
  • Also note that using an influencer as part of an advertisement is, in principle, cheaper than if you called on stars whose prices can translate into millions of euros.

Do all public figures produce the same effect?

  • All celebrities can be fascinating, but the bonus with cinema is the mythology in place.
  • It creates a special aura around the actors and actresses.
  • For commercial reasons – they sell – we reactivated it. We need to make people dream from and around the cinema.
  • We must not forget that an actor or actress is always more than he is.
  • By seeing him or her, we also see the significant roles he or she has played. We have them in memory; there is a superposition of the character.
  • We have in front of us someone who is not ordinary and who represents a lot in the collective imagination.

Why are we fascinated by Royal families?

  • We have long spoken of a divine right monarchy, blue blood, different from ours because it is sacred.
  • They participate in charity galas, attend large families, operate in a separate sphere, the Gotha. It points to something above it.
  • In these families, we see that the most popular are photogenic or have a private life.
  • It interests, the celebrity no longer depends only on the family tree, its lineage.
  • And what is impressive with the current royal families is that they switch to a form of “commoner” via contract marriages with people not from the nobility.

Celebrities are of interest to everyone

  • Celebrity has become a kind of value in our society, an absolute criticized but an absolute all the same.
  • We are all aware that it gives power and visibility. We are inevitably magnetized by the latter, whether or not we are interested in the stars.
  • The celebrity, the star, is in the etymological sense of the term, exceptional. These people are carriers of immense talent or grace

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