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5 Business Logo Design Errors and How to Avoid Them

5 Business Logo Design Errors and How to Avoid Them

Business Logo Design Errors and How to Avoid Them? – We’ve all seen them: logos that fail in hilarious and, sometimes, inappropriate ways. Whether it is a font that flails or a peculiar picture, a logo can send the wrong message and turn away potential customers.

A memorable and unique logo can be one of the simplest and fastest ways to distinguish a company. A logo can set the tone of your brand and make it easy for customers to find you in a sea of competitors.

However, too often businesses underestimate or plain overlook the importance of a solid logo. Keep reading to learn these business logo design errors. Learn from others’ mistakes so you don’t have to make them yourself.

1. Forgetting Your Audience

The beginning of all good advertising comes from understanding your audience. Your target audience will determine the direction of your logo.

A logo for a toy store will look different than a logo for a law firm. Your Hawaiian restaurant logo shouldn’t leave people expecting Mexican food. Business logos will look and feel different than making something on a Twitch logo maker for the streaming platform.

2. Not Being Intentional With Your Font Choice

Now that you understand your audience, you can begin to pick the right font for your logo. Fonts for logos should always be easy to read from up close and from a distance. To avoid awkward errors, have outside eyes look at your font from time to time to make sure the text says what you want it to say.

Resist the urge to include too many different fonts. If you’d like to make a visual impact, you can include different stylings (bold, italic) from the same font family. This can provide emphasis without complicating things for the eye.

3. Not Being Intentional When Selecting Colors

Choices of colors for logos can communicate much about your company or product. However, if used incorrectly, they can cheapen the overall effect of your logo.

For baby products, you’d opt for soothing color combinations as opposed to an intense color palette that would be better suited for a nightclub.

4. Failing to Strike a Balance Between Complex and Simple

Business logo design errors include both being too simple and being too complex. An overly simplistic logo won’t start apart in a crowd or be memorable. An overly complex logo can’t be replicated and can lose a customer’s focus.

5. Not Keeping It Original

In all things, avoid even the hint of plagiarism. First, if you copy someone else’s design, you lose the chance to display what makes your business unique and superior. Second, people will eventually notice and you’ll lose the trust of your customers.

While designing your logo, pull up the logos of all of your competitors so you can intentionally design with originality in mind. Design a logo to set yourself apart from the pack.

Avoid These Business Logo Design Errors

If you keep these tips in mind, you don’t have to make business logo design errors. As you build your business, your logo design ideas can be the cherry on top of an already stellar product.

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