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Bleach – What are the main story arcs in Bleach? Original series

Bleach – What are the main story arcs in Bleach? Original series


Bleach is known for filled seasons at tricky moments in history that can often distract you from the show.

The show introduces new characters and has minimal (at best) storytelling; after introducing them into the placeholder arch.

Luckily for you, this writer is a massive fan of this series and is ready to put together a guide to it. He presents it as thoroughly as possible.

The only episodes not named or specifically listed will be fillers. It will display the episode numbers of these fillers display, so you know which episodes to skip if you want the main story.

However, the series will be organized by story arc and will list canon episodes and titles.

Unfortunately, Bleach was canceled a while ago, so every episode is already available in Japanese, English, and subtitles for those who prefer the original Japanese voices.

We do not post videos ourselves. How and where you watch depends entirely on the viewer. We won’t judge if you don’t.


What are the main series arcs in Bleach?

  • There are 366 episodes of the Bleach animated series. Bleach episodes have a lot of fill and gun episodes.
  • For this reason, the following list of bleach fillers will show you which episodes to watch in the Bleach animated series and which ones to skip.

Original series

Replacement arc

  • Episodes 1 to 20: Reaper of Souls humble beginnings. The Substitute Arc tells Ichigo Kurosaki, who first met Rukia Kuchiki and received his Shinigami powers.
  • And also, He introduces Ichigo’s circle of friends and rivals.

Invasion and restoration of episodes of Rukia

Society of Souls: Arc of the Hidden Entrance

  • Episodes 21-41: After completing the intro, Bleach begins its first real storyline with the Soul Society: Hidden Entrance arc.
  • Having lived too long in the human world, Soul Society considers Rukia a criminal, and Shinigamisuperiors arrested Rukia.
  • However, Ichigo and his friends are sent on a rescue mission to Soul Society to rescue their dear friend before being executed.

Soul Society – Arc of Salvation

  • Episodes 43-63: Ichigo’s journey to the Soul Society was not comfortable, but with a former Shinigami captain named Yoruichi Shihoin, he mastered the highest form of the zeal sword known as the Bankai.
  • However, finding his newfound power, Ichigo is ready to save Rukia and fight his powerful brother Byakuya Kuchiki. However, not all as it appears in Soul Society.

Bow bonus

  • Episodes 64-91: At Rukia’s request, Ichigo and his friends return to the Human Realm, while Rukia lives safely in Soul Society.
  • However, The gang briefly returns to their everyday lives until Kisuke Urahara warns them of an impending enemy known as Bond, a group of immortal superhumans consuming human souls.

Bount Assault on the Soul Society Arc

  • Episodes 92-109: Bond launches a full attack on Soul Society.
  • Uryū Ishida opened a portal to Soul Society for Bond, believing it would be easier to defeat them there.
  • However, the presence of spirit particles only strengthened the Bond.

Arrancar, Hueco Mundo and the invasion episodes

Arrancar, Hueco Mundo and the invasion episodes

Arrancar: the finishing arch

  • Episodes 110-131: A newly transferred student tries to recruit Ichigo into Visored, a Shinigami group with Hollow powers.
  • However, Ichigo confronts his Hollow inner self while exploring Sосsuke Aizen’s connection with Hollows.

Arrancar: Hueco Mundo’s inconspicuous entrance arch

  • Episodes 132-151: the Arrancar kidnaps Orihime Inoue, a Hollows group who have removed their masks and gained Shinigami-like abilities.
  • However, Ichigo travels to Hueco Mundo to rescue Orihime and defeat the Arrancar.

Arrancar: Cruel War Bow

  • Episodes 152–167: A more combative continuation of the Arrancar storyline.
  • The one is dealing with Ichigo, who struggles with the urge to use his Bankai and Blank Mask as he searches for Orihime.
  • However, to have a chance to resist the Arrancar and Grimmjow Jagerjakes, Ichigo must succumb to temptation.

Secondary episodes

  • Episodes 168-189: Shusuke Amagai becomes captain of Gotei 13’s 3rd Squad.
  • Meanwhile, Ichigo and Rukia must protect their new classmate and neighbor, Princess Rurichio Kasumioji, from assassins after his kingdom.

Arrancar Arc vs. Shinigami

  • Episodes 190-205: Ichigo’s victory over Grimmjow is short-lived as Neutra Gilga and the other Arrancar intervene.
  • However, amid the chaos, Orihime is again kidnapped and sent to former Soul Reapers captain Aizen.

Past Arch

  • Episodes 206-212: The Past Arc, which takes place 110 years before the series began, provides a glimpse into Aizen’s past life.
  • Moreover, it shows the beginnings of Soul Society, Aizen’s rise as the Soul Reaper of the 5th Division, and why he organized the Soul Society arc.

Arrancar: The Decisive Battle of Karakuri

  • Episodes 213-229: The Arrancar storyline continues in this all-out war between the Soul Society Shinigami and Arrancar Aizen’s army.
  • However, after Orihime’s capture, Aizen targeted Karakura to destroy Soul Society.

Unknown Tales arc

  • Episodes 230-265: Muramasa, the Spirit of the Spirit Sword, launches a rebellion against Soul Society for the freedom of the spirits of the spirit world trapped in the Shinigami weapon.
  • However, his real motive is to free the mind of his teacher named Koga Kuchiki.

Arrancar: the fall

  • Episodes 266-316: Soul Society continues to defend the city of Karakura against the army of Arrancar Aizen.
  • Meanwhile, Ichigo and his groups are still fighting the Arrancar in Hueco Mundo in search of Orihime.

Gotei Arc 13: Invading Army

  • Episodes 317-342: A scenario reminiscent of the Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Impostors have infiltrated Gotei 13 and are pursuing their original brothers.
  • When Kon encounters a strange woman associated with the attacks, Ichigo slowly loses his powers.

After episodes of Aizen’s defeat

Lost Spare Shinigami Bow

  • Episodes 343-366: The victory over Ai zen was not for nothing. After the battle, Ichigo loses his Shinigami powers.
  • However, the anime’s final storyline follows Ichigo’s struggle to save his life as a Reaper of Souls.

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