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8 Best Online Sites To Buy Watches In 2021
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8 Best Online Sites To Buy Watches In 2021

Best Online Sites To Buy Watches In 2021 – Looking for a reliable, believable, and reasonable site or online shop to purchase a watch? Nowadays, it is hard to distinguish which legit site sells watches rather than a clickbait to a sale and redirects you to all these forms.

Online shopping is very convenient when you could not leave your home, or the product is not available anywhere near you. There is a downside to this, and that is why we tried to list some sites to help you with your online shopping.

Being able to buy watches online is helpful if you are a horological enthusiast or a casual watch collector. You can finally get rare watches like Patek Philippe and Rolex watches.


Watchshopping is best known to sell luxury brand watches. They take pride in delivering only the best online shopping experience for all customers. The site is a highly trusted seller that aims to continue to improve every customer’s experience daily through their comments, reviews, suggestions, and feedback.

This online shop displays its product with enough specifications and pictures. Customers can identify when looking for a specific style for their watch. The customers are satisfied with the excellent communication the website offers. Fast shipping is also a plus for this website to be considered for watch shopping. Make sure to visit this website so you don’t miss out!


Amazon is the online store that offers anything from books to clothes, to kitchenwares, to the gym, to accessories. Thankfully, they also sell watches here. And added to that, they enlisted thousands of wristwatches in their inventory and guaranteed fast shipping. Entry-level wristwatches like Seiko and Citizen divers and luxury brands like Omega, Tudor, and Rolex are available on Amazon.

The incredible customer service that Amazon offers is one of its advantages and reason for why customers keep trusting amazon for buying watches. Also, manufacturers will warranty watches that will be purchased from certified shops selling via Amazon’s online site.


For a budding horological enthusiast, the Crown and Caliber is just a click away. Their website is easy to navigate, having sorted their watches into practical categories. You can browse through racing watches, military watches, or watches for divers.

The inventory can be narrowed down to price, size, and material. Filter your search by brand, Omega, Rolex, and Zenith are some watches that you can find under this filter.

Crown and Caliber have helpful resources on their website. Unwound Blog, watch sizing, the anatomy of watches, and “how-to” videos. A very informative shop site.


Let Jomashop be your one-stop-shop for your watch shopping journey. One thing about Jomashop is that it is the online shop to go to if you are looking to save a little money or even a lot. Jomashop is a market that sells watches at incredible prices.

Jomashop is offering pre-owned and brand new watches. These watches are often sold for less than half of the suggested original retail price. Maybe because Jomashop is not an authorized dealer, they try to minimize the risk of selling very expensive watches.

The best part of buying from Jomashop is that you can buy a guaranteed authentic timepiece at the best lowest price. Jomashop covers the warrant of 1 to 5 years, with some exceptions as expected.


Watchbox is an online watch dealer that sells pre-owned dealer that specializes in luxury branded watches. This shop is excellent for they are well-stocked for an excellent shopping experience for the customers.

Watchbox gives the purchased item up to two years of warranty. Their entire inventory is owned, which means they are allowed to give each watch the service it deserves. Their inventory has Petek Philippe, Rolex, Grand Seiko, and entry-level timepieces too.


Hodinkee was only a hub of information about watches for watch collectors. And now, they branch out as sellers online. It became one of the most trusted online retailers for well-known brands like G-shock, Montblanc, Glashutte, Oris, and many more.

The manufacturers cover the warranty of each timepiece sold by Hodinkee’s online shop. Hosdinkee waives their shipping fees and returns.


If you are buying a specific watch from a brand’s collection, then Bob’s watches online shop can help you. Bob’s Watches is an online luxury pre-owned watch dealer. Omega, Breitling, Rolex, and Tudor are just some of the watches offered by the website.

Their watches’ prices range from hundreds to thousands. They sell more from their site than their physical stores. The best way Bob’s watches care for is customer service, which they do take seriously. You can ask them anything regarding any product, price, modes of payment, and shipping, and they would gladly assist you through all your queries.


Luxury watch buying can be a worry-free experience, and this can be true through Chrono24. Chrono24 got you covered with their Buyer Protection program. Their main goal is the customer and their deals if they are taken advantage of or given the right price and complete warranty.

Chrono24 does not directly sell or give a warranty to any watch the display on their site. But for safety, purchase a timepiece via Chrono24 for a secured transaction. This website has thought of holding your payment and releasing it once you have received the package.

Things To Remember When Buying Online

When you are breaking your bank for your watch, service is one important thing to consider. It is not applicable for all online watch shops that they answer customer service politely, and reasonably.

Gray markets purchases are not guaranteed for recognizable warranties. Do not worry, this does not mean that your watch is authentic, but because you have purchased it outside its intended distribution chain.

Hopefully, you won’t get into a bad deal online. It is why you should check before paying and shipping. Your concern is if the timepiece is authentic and how it will reach your doorsteps once you have signed, paid, and accepted the deal.

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