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The benefits of implementing automated testing

The benefits of implementing automated testing

The benefits of implementing automated testing – In the present year automation appears to be the hottest trend. For deployment practices or advanced development tools it has emerged to be a major tool. An automation testing tool has become critical for the companies. There is a need to understand the viable benefits of automation testing and why the concept of automation in software would matter.

Cost- saving

It might be contrary to popular belief, automated testing works out to be beneficial than manual testing. By manual testing it does not require repetitive testing. The moment you are running a manual testing the time shoots up. But from a long term  point of view automated testing works out to be a better option. A reason is that once you have gone on to formulate a script you can use it 24/7 round the clock. Yes an initial adoption of automated testing could turn out to be expensive, but it is going to pay off in a quick manner.

A point to consider is the size or the ROI of automated testing would be dependent upon the adoption of automation. The more the number of automated tests that you generate the superior return on investment you may obtain. Take into consideration there might be cases where you may require manual testing.

Faster delivery and development

The process of test automation is going to save a lot of time. It is possible to complete automated tests in a rampant manner and you will be able to perform automatically. What it means is that you need not wait for months or weeks to get the testing process. A mere few hours would more than suffice. By speeding up the process of automation there could be a few benefits that you may obtain.

  • The shorter response time to reach the market
  • A faster time delivery on to the market
  • Regular releases

From the discussion a switch from manual testing to automation is going to reduce the waiting time and enhance the process of development.

An increase in productivity

An automated testing is not going to require any form of human intervention while running. It means that you could set up the app at night time and the results would be obtainable the next morning. Since automated tests is something which could run on their own a software developer or QA would be required to spend less time on the same. Everyone is aware that fixing  the current functionality of the app would not be exciting when you develop the core features.

Accurate tests

When you have test automation there are less likely to be error releases. All credit to the minimum amount of human intervention it is easily possible to execute automated tests than the manual ones. A point to consider is human beings could make a mistake during the process of evaluation. A generated form of test works out to be precise than a human error. What it means is that the moment you reduce human errors there is a less chance of failure.

If you are looking to cash in on the full potential of automation a suggestion is to be trying it with a AI robot. This works out to be an AI driven solution that goes on to perform tasks much better than human beings.

To conclude it is all due to the extensive coverage of automated test, it is going to enhance performance and leads to superior coverage of sorts. It is going to allow you to conduct numerous automated tests at a single glance. Even you could try various tests all at once.

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