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Beating the Feeling of Loneliness as an Expat

Beating the Feeling of Loneliness as an Expat

Beating the Feeling of Loneliness as an Expat – It is not unusual for expats to deal with loneliness.

An expat who takes the ESTA visa USA route, for instance, to expedite the migration process will most likely experience a wave of happiness after leaving home. There’s the excitement of starting a new life and facing new challenges. However, after a while, this excitement will start to phase out and the bouts of loneliness will slowly set in.

The whole adjustment process can also be quite complicated. You may start to miss the friends you left back home, and experience quite a bit of culture shock. That’s why it’s not rare that expats begin feeling like outsiders.

Steps to Take to Beat Loneliness as an Expat

Kickstart your Routine

On business days, you’re bound to a work routine that is quite inflexible. Hence, most of your weekdays will be spent at the office.

However, you’ll have the weekends free, and that’s where several expats feel the need to become ‘temporary introverts.’ You need to avoid locking yourself up at home during the weekends.

You can create a routine by starting to research stuff you can do in your new region. You can choose a selection of activities that feel comfortable and try out a minimum of two each weekend. By the end of the year, you’ll most likely have engaged in several activities that the locals themselves might not have tried out yet.

If you’re new to the area, you can consider going on a tour. This way, you can get to know your surroundings better and learn more about the place you now call home.


The best medicine for curing loneliness has always been socialization. Nevertheless, many expats never had to make an effort to socialize back home, since it came almost naturally. In your new region, you have to make an effort to socialize since you’re out of your comfort zone.

You can begin by joining Facebook groups that connect people in your new region. You can also connect with individuals on other social networks to meet at places that spark conversations, like art galleries.

Engage in Activities Outside of Work

It would help if you started engaging in activities close to your home. For instance, you can get involved in slam poetry, join a table tennis club or a soccer group, or even engage in drama classes.

When you pick up a new activity, you’ll be simultaneously learning alongside peers and having fun. Although learning the local language is a common way to do this, you could also try out something that will challenge you a bit.

A less-followed path is trying to help people in need in your new environment. Engaging in this will allow you to create an entirely new connection with people.

Exercise More

Exercising can make you feel better about being lonely. You don’t need the exercise to be intensive or mentally sapping. A simple fast walk or 30-minute jog can help boost your mental health.


After the exciting feeling of starting in a new environment wears off, expats are often left with a feeling of loneliness. This usually stems from being alone and not having enough outdoor activities aside from work.

As an expat, you need to socialize, exercise more, and kickstart a personal routine to beat loneliness in a new country.

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