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All About Banking Software Development

All About Banking Software Development

All About Banking Software Development – Any success or failure of any organization ultimately depends on its ability to generate profit.  Moreover, we are not talking about one-time receipt of funds, we are talking about the stable profitability of the enterprise.  The market is constantly changing and these changes may not always be positive, therefore, the ability to react quickly determines the degree of flexibility of the company and its ability to adapt to the prevailing circumstances.

As you know, now is the time of technology, everything is developing and being automated.  Therefore, it is high time to think about banking software development company Diceus.  This will help you automate all business processes and make big profits.

Table of Contents

Banking software advantages

Each banking software, such as BankPoint, has its own advantages and features. However, now we will analyze the most common features of any software

  1. Low software requirements for PC resources
  2. Simplicity and convenience of the system

* The complex is easy to operate, does not require maintenance.

* Has a well thought-out user interface, including hotkeys.

* The complex carries out strict incoming control, which excludes errors even at the stage of entering documents.

* The complex works in both exclusive and multiplayer modes.

  1. Ease of installation and configuration of the client side of the KB and the database

* The complex is installed from any data carrier.  The installation process is simple and requires no special training.

* After installation, no additional settings are required, but during operation, the complex can be adjusted to the requirements of the most demanding client.

4.Built-in protection against unauthorized access

* At the client’s place, the maintenance of a list of users, their authentication (identification) is provided.

* Differentiation of access for viewing and correcting payment documents, directories, signing, sending and receiving documents and mail, etc.).

* The complex records user actions, tracks unauthorized entry attempts.

* Electronic digital signatures of the director and accountant (first and second person) are superimposed on each payment document, which ensures authorization of payment documents and protection from unauthorized access.

  1. Work in Off-Line mode

* The complex works offline without on-line communication with the bank via file exchange.

  1. Interface to accounting systems

* Customizable data import / export mechanisms provide a convenient interface with most accounting programs.

  1. Information storage

* The complex has the ability to create an archive copy of the data.

  1. Reports to the client – bank

* The complex has a flexible mechanism for customizing reports.

* The version of the complex is supplemented by report templates for printing payment orders and claims, registers, account statements and for a period of dates.

* These templates can be changed by the customer himself or created new templates from scratch or based on existing ones.

  1. Updating versions

* The complex provides a mechanism for updating versions of programs and data at user workplaces without the participation of bank specialists.  For this, special update files are made, which are laid out by banks on their servers.

We can conclude that any crm in banking is very convenient and cool.

Therefore, do not be afraid to apply new technologies.  This is a great opportunity to make your job easier and get more profit.

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