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Admitting Your Feelings to Your Crush Without the Awkwardness

Admitting Your Feelings to Your Crush Without the Awkwardness

Admitting Your Feelings to Your Crush – With feelings abounding that you need to divulge to your crush, things can get awkward. Rest assured these awkward moments are nothing uncommon, and even the strongest willed fall apart at times. We notice men seemingly artistic when hitting on ladies. Truth be told, many fell at some point and had to learn afresh how to talk to any woman, including a crush.

Admitting that you like someone can be unnerving and it can get worse when you have little or nothing to say.

Finding the right words and not getting speech-less requires some practice. Admitting feelings to a crush has been unnerving since my teen years. Few master these skills over many years and even fewer perform off the cuff. As you admit your feelings to a crush from a Ukrainian bride agency, it is imperative to avoid bogus clichés.

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Approaching the Day

  • Practice in front of a mirror, or a friend. This won’t help eliminate fears, but it helps cross off things you should not say or do.
  • Write down stuff you were planning to share when the opportunity arose. Read them through and through. Chances are the audacity of the wording will shock you or be outright ridiculous. This is another chance to revisit these absurdities before sharing them with your crush.
  • Share these words with close friends and let them in on what you plan to do. They may offer insight into the likelihood of falling flat on your face or hitting the jackpot.

It is D-Day and time to let her, or he know how you feel. Pay attention to the following to avoid weirdness.

  • Pick a comfortable spot. It is better to state your feelings away from unsupportive friends. If you get denied, it might seem overwhelming when they laugh at you. Alternatively, it might work out better among friends who will support you regardless.
  • Write down what you planned to say. You should have filtered the BS out by now. Share these words via text if possible to avoid the awkwardness of rejection. If she goes silent, don’t fret. She is likely considering your proposal.
  • Exude confidence, regardless of how shaken you feel. Your nervousness should not be visible in the eyes of your crush. Drink wine to loosen up but don’t get drunk before admitting your love. Getting drunk is okay when she says yes, or no.
  • Clichés should be avoided at all costs. If things were to get awkward, they will. Keep things simple, focusing on your likes for her. Be specific and mention traits, demeanor carries, and other traits you believe exist in her.
  • Always allocate response time. This could be a few hours or even days. Incidentally, this is a good reason to text instead. Textual material removes the elements of surprise or shock. Instant embarrassment and the expressions that follow are limited. After picking that comfortable location, head somewhere wild, perhaps a skating rink or movie theater. It will reduce the awkward silence you would experience being only the two of you, waiting for a response.

Bottom Line

Having selected a prime location, wine, flirty texts, and time, things may still go downhill. The idea is to move forward avoiding nastiness. Leave no room in your heart for hatred or spite. She might say no because she likes you as a friend. Friend zoning you could work out for the best. There will be room for authenticity when seeking opinions. Further, remain positive regardless; the right one is out there eagerly waiting for you to open up. 

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