Address line 1

Address Line 1 is the essential part of your address: the house number and the street name.

If you think about who delivers the mail, that makes sense.

Before you wonder how to find the specific apartment a person lives in or which department they work in, make sure that you are at least on the right street.

Likewise, if you gave a friend the way to your apartment over the phone, you wouldn’t just say, “This is apartment 2b”.

First, you need to point the route to your specific street and tell a friend which building in the apartment complex belongs to you.

Thus, address bar 1 can be seen as a sort of preview of the full address.

Write or enter the street number of your building or house, leave some space, and end the line with your street name.

Do not add a comma with any of the items in address bar 1.

Most people only use one street or one PO Box address when filling in “address 1”.

If you have an additional address, you can use this line for that. Some people have Personal Mailboxes (PMBs), and these are also listed in their address.

If you have another address, it should be on the line above the mailing address because the mail sorting machine usually reads the last two address lines.

Address line 1

What do they mean by address line 1 and address line 2?

  • Some addresses require an additional one line, so the terms address line 1 and address line 2 accept both parts of the address.
  • Address line 1 is the mailing address.
  • Address line 2 is the apartment, suite, or room number (or any other designation not part of the physical address).
  • If the number of a flat, suite, or room is short and the address is temporary, it can display everything in one line.

Why are there two Address lines in Address forms?

  • The two fields are part of the same address. (I’ve never heard your colleague’s interpretation before.) Usually, the second line is optional.
  • The second line is necessary or helpful. Besides, providing the extra line allows for formatting an address to optimize postal delivery, primarily driven by automated package/envelope labels scanning.
  • Some post offices have preferences about what goes on its line, while something addressed to “Such And Such Building will get there on one line.
  • It might get there more quickly if the street address is on its line.
  • If a form asks for your address because it might generate physical mail, this would be a reason to provide the extra optional line.

How can I find out my address line 1 and 2

  • Address line 1 is the street address; address line 2 is the apartment or apartment number.
  • If you do not have a flat or suite, please provide the city, state, and zip code below your mailing address. The addresses must be:
  • Recipient’s name
  • address1
  • Address line 2 (if the apartment or apartment number)
  • City, state, and zip code
  • Line one is for your street address, and line two is for a post office box if you get mail there.
  • Retailers need both, if you have both, because UPS, FedEx, and DHL don’t deliver to post office boxes unless postage is also paid.
  • If you don’t need both lines, leave one blank.

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