Absent note for school

Absent note for school is a statement written for school if the child misses school for not more than three (3) days.

It might be handwritten or written on the computer. Better by hand – to avoid the teacher having doubts about its authenticity.

How to write a note to a teacher about the absence of a child?

  • Advice to the teacher if a child misses school is equated with an acquittal. So beforehand, how do I write a reason for the school?
  • It will be useful to know about the generally accepted standards for such documents:
  • Official documents are usually drawn up on an A4 sheet of paper – if possible, should be following this rule;
  • It is recommended to respect the business (office) presentation style to determine why the child is missing class.

The memo should include all the details inherent in official applications.

Structure and details

  • When in doubt, how do I write a note to the school? Correctly, it is better to get rid of them by contacting the child’s class teacher directly.
  • As a rule, teachers refuse such consultations and present a document adopted in a particular educational institution.
  • If communication with the teacher is impossible for some reason, you can create a note based on the requirements for supporting documents.

In this way, the letter to the school will have the following structure:


  • Full name of the educational institution, position, last name, and recipient’s initials.

Name of the document

  • “Explanation” or a request to the addressee with the name and the surname, whereby must be added the word “respected.”

Descriptive part

  • Text of the note stating that the child missed school, the date and time of absence, and the reasons for not showing up at school.

The relevant part

  • Creation date, personal signature, and their interpretation.

How do I write a reason for the school?

  • If any documents support the reason for the refusal to attend school (e.g., certificates from the sports department of participation in competitions), be sure to attach them to the note.
  • And also, record them in the text after understanding the skipping circumstances the Have explained lessons.
  • In addition to the headmaster, such a letter can send to the class teacher or the headmaster.
  • Who expressly accepts documents from parents depends on the internal rules of the schools.
  • Most of the time, however, it is the director who deals with these issues.

How to create a declaration of exemption?

  • A reason is usually made after the fact, that is, after the child has missed class.
  • If it is a preliminary request for permission to be absent from school for some time, it is better to write a statement.
  • The rules for writing an application are generally the same as the standards for writing a note. However, there are some specifics. So statement:
  • Prepared exclusively on behalf of the headmaster;
  • Does not contain a complaint (only the name of the document);
  • The narration begins with a request;
  • As a mandatory requirement includes an indication of responsibility for the child during the absence from school.
  • Otherwise, a doctor’s certificate will be required upon return to level, stating whether the child will remain in the children’s team.

Elements of Absent note

Below are the elements present in a justification for absence from school:

  1. Date and place
  2. Introductory formula addressed to the teacher. For example: ” Dear teacher/teacher ” or ” Dear professor/teacher. “
  3. If you want, you can add the teacher’s name, if you already know who will read the justification.
  4. The body of justification. Example: ” The undersigned, parent of the pupil ____, attending class____, declares that ” The reason for the explanation: there is no need to go into specifics. If the student has been home due to illness, write ” for health reasons “without details. The formula to use can be ” your child was absent from school from ___ to ___ for health reasons ” (or for family reasons).
  5. Leave of absence
  6. Signature

Remember that if a student has been at home due to illness for more than five consecutive days, in many regions, schools require a medical certificate stating that the student can return to class.

Must be presented certificate together with the justification by the school.

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