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6 Tips That Will Help You Quit Smoking And Vaping
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6 Tips That Will Help You Quit Smoking And Vaping

6 Tips That Will Help You Quit Smoking And Vaping : According to the BBC, the first study into the effects of passive smoking has revealed that 600,000 die annually, out of which one-third are children. These deaths in conjunction with the number of smokers that die every year tobacco and nicotine are one of the leading causes of death globally.

It is essential that we find out ways to deal with this catastrophe, so we find out some of the most effective tips to help you quit smoking and vaping!

1. Think About The Adverse Effects

How do you plan to quit a habit if you don’t even realize if it is or how bad it is. That is why it is important to read up about the effects of smoking. When you go down that rabbit hole, you will find a lot of motivators to get yourself out of this habit. NOt only will you find out that smoking affects you directly, but you’ll also know that smoking affects the people around you and makes them secondhand smokers.

This awareness will help you understand the grave danger you’re putting yourself and others around you in. And the very realization of this danger will motivate you to quit.

2. Knowing Why You’re Quitting

The biggest motivation for quitting can come from why we’re doing what we’re doing. If we’re clear about the reasons why we want to quit then it gets easier to leave it. Being aware of the reason also determines the strength of your resolve and you know where to find motivation if you ever feel inclined towards a relapse.

Try finding a reason which is solid and long-term. Set some reminders and triggers which will keep your motivation level high. Be clear about your goals

3. Identifying Smoking Triggers

Knowing what provokes you to smoke is also something that should be given grave importance too because this allows you to analyze what stimulates you to smoke. We can do this by keeping a journal in which we enter data about your smoking pattern.

People have discovered from journals like these, the reasons they smoke, which mainly include emotional stress, boredom, seeing other people do it, etc. These journals can help you manage the emotions that trigger smoking. This way an effective data-driven approach can be taken to cure smoking.

4. Getting Help From Family And Friends

Being clear about your intention of quitting smoking and vaping will get you a lot of support and help from your friends and family. When the craving for smoking is at its peak spending time with friends will also help a lot. They will stop you from smoking and the peer pressure to smoke or vape will be pretty less.

However, if some of your friends are not supportive of you quitting, then you should try spending less time with them. The company you keep will have a lot of impact on your quitting journey.

5. Make A Strategy To Combat Withdrawal Symptoms

One of the biggest reasons people aren’t able to quit smoking or vaping is because their willpower or ability to deal with withdrawal symptoms is not good. In the first few weeks, people face symptoms like frustration, anxiety, depression, trouble focusing, etc. These things become really annoying and people give into it by smoking again which starts the cycle again. To effectively combat this, meditation can be practiced, deep breathing and taking a walk or exercising is also a good option. Another unorthodox way of quitting smoking can be by using nicotine replacement techniques for example using nicotine patches.

6. Sign Up For Therapy And Medication

We already know about nicotine replacement techniques but there are alternate therapies too for example,


This ancient technique aids in releasing endorphins which decreases stress by making the body relax, this can be a smoking cessation aid and also help control smoking withdrawal symptoms.

Motivational Therapies

reading books and listening to motivational speakers or even going to a psychologist can go a long way in quitting. People sometimes also calculate the monetary value of smoking which further motivates them to quit as it can be really high in most cases.


This is perhaps one of the most successful alternate therapy for quitting smoking because in hypnosis the smoker is put under a deeply relaxed state where they are made to strengthen their resolve as that is essential to quit. When people do decide to quit they start again because they don’t really have the strong willpower to quit.

Always remember that quitting any bad habit is not easy; however, replacing it with a good one can make it easy!

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