Torrent – What is the best torrent site for books? Why is it so expensive?

Definition of a Torrent

Torrent is a file sent using the BitTorrent protocol. It can be any file, such as a movie, song, game, or application.

At the time of transfer, the file is incomplete and therefore called a torrent.

Paused or stopped torrent downloads cannot be opened as regular files because they do not contain all the required data.

However, the BitTorrent client picks them up if the file is available on another server.

Torrents differ from regular downloads in that they are usually from multiple servers at the same time.

The BitTorrent protocol uses various computers to transfer a single file, reducing the bandwidth required for each server.

When a torrent download starts, BitTorrent detects multiple computers with the file and downloads different parts of the file from each computer.

Likewise, when sending a torrent, the server may send the file to multiple computers before it reaches the recipient.

The result is lower average bandwidth usage, which speeds up file transfers.

Torrents are “files” containing information about other files and folders to be distributed. When you download a torrent movie, this “torrent file” includes the information needed to download it.

The torrent file size does not exceed a few kilobytes of data. However, these small files can start downloading even large files through one system or another.

What is the Best Torrent site for books?

  • A good torrent site, of course, offers a wide range of high-quality content. Most of the sites are general and provide different media (films, TV series, video games, ebooks, software, etc.).
  • Others are special in a particular field. In this case, they offer an incredibly specialized library.
  • A torrent site must regularly post new content while also updating the files regularly.
  • It is to prevent dead links or fake torrents from slipping into the pages.
  • A reliable site takes care of shared data security, ensuring that the files are free from viruses and malware.
  • It must also be stable, withstand attacks from government agencies, and recover quickly through mirror sites.
  • In this article, we show you some torrent sites that meet all of these criteria.
  • Despite their reliability and popularity, we recommend that you use a VPN to download torrents with confidence.
  • A virtual server protects you from the infected torrent that contains malware, as well
  • When you start looking for ebooks, different sites have different advantages and disadvantages. It is essential to know which ones are the safest, fastest, and most effective ones.
  • Here is a table of your favorite options.
  • When you complete downloading books, make sure you have one of the best ebooks available to take with you wherever you go. We’ve reviewed them, too, so check them out!
  • If you want to know more about the best torrent sites in general, be sure to keep reading.

Best Torrent Sites are as follows

The best torrent tutorial sites still work

  1. ExtraTorrent
  2. Pirate Bay
  3. RARBG
  4. Freebookspot
  5. Torrent
  6. Detector
  8. Yourbitorrent
  9. Book exchange

Best torrent sites for eBooks

  • An eReader is the perfect way to read your favorite books without physically carrying them.
  • They are stored on your smartphones or laptops, from which you can read books on the go.
  • Many ebook torrent sites allow you to get a virtual library that you can read online or download to read; however you like.
  • We are going to announce you to the best ebook torrent sites.

1. Torrent Downloads

  • When it comes to torrenting ebook downloads, TorrentDownloads is always at the forefront.
  • About 16 million torrents have categories such as movies, books, TV shows, and others.
  • It also contains Bollywood / Hollywood / Regional Movies for download.

2. Planet eBook

  • Planet eBook, home of free classic literature!
  • With a mobile-friendly design and multi-format ebooks, the latest version of the site attempts to publish a small range of high-quality ebooks.
  • And also, it makes its collection of ebooks available for free on all devices.
  • Now there are about 50,000 titles in his library.

3. Many books

  • ManyBooks is one of the best user interfaces and designs among ebook torrent sites, striving to provide a vast library of free ebooks on the internet.
  • You can easily navigate the site using categories such as Genres, Titles, Authors, Language, Popular, Popular Authors, and Featured.
  • To date, the site has over 50,000 free eBook titles. If you are a writer yourself, you can even use their platform to promote your book.


  • EBOOKEE is striving to become one of the best eBook torrent sites shortly.
  • The site contains technical books, study guides, nonfiction literature, novels, computer programming, and more.
  • One feature that stands out is the subcategory system, divided into recently viewed Ebooks, Top 10 Ebooks, Top 10 Users, and Recently Added Books.
  • These subcategories greatly facilitate the selection of books.

5. Book-Share

  • Book-Share is the finest torrent site if you’re looking for nothing more than eBooks. On this site, you will find almost all genres.
  • Plus, an impressive list of categories for easy navigation, a feature that other torrent sites lack. You can even search for books by author, title, or topic.
  • Now there are over 4,000,000 pounds, and that’s huge! Since this site is all about eBooks, this is an excellent option for avid readers.


  • As the domain name proposes, offers a colossal library of free books with multiple categories, including fiction, nonfiction, education, classics, textbooks, and audiobooks.
  • The most delicate part about this site is that it encourages aspiring ebook authors by providing a platform for them to publish their work.
  • Something else? Free-ebooks also offers the option to choose the format you want to download the book; for example, Kindle, Txt file, PDF, and EPUB.

7. FreeBookSpot

  • FreeBookSpot is one of the most popular websites for free eBook and audiobook download.
  • It allows you to find the book you want through various settings such as genre, language, and popularity.
  • High. Plus, you have the option to explore books from over 90 categories. It is best known for the collection of educational and popular science books.

8. ExtraTorrent

  • When we talk about the most famed torrent sites, ExtraTorrent plays the most influential role than other torrent sites.
  • It has a massive collection of torrents like movies, ebooks, music, games, etc.
  • One of the advantages of this torrent site is that you can now subscribe to RSS for any category of ebook for free.

Why are textbooks so expensive?

  • Textbooks are expensive because publishers release expensive new editions every year, which disrupts the used book market, says, CEO of
  • “Since publishers don’t make money selling used books, their business model is to make old editions obsolete and force you to purchase a new book,” he says.
  • No Used Books: Publishers don’t make money when there are too many used books in circulation.
  • As a result, they often release new editions every few years to make used books obsolete. The cost of this exercise is counterbalanced by the high price of the students’ books.

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