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Smart Ass Write for Us

Smart Ass Write for Us

Last year we also played many board games together as a family. We’ve found them to be a great way to bring people of all ages together, laugh and bond in a way that sitting in front of the TV can’t compete. We also use it as a stealthy way to educate children.

Whether it’s understanding the concept of taking turns for younger kids or building general knowledge for older kids, board games are an excellent way to do both as a family. When I saw Smart Ass at Blog On, I knew it would be perfect for building general knowledge for older kids.

Smart Ass is all about showing off if you know the answer. Or even if you think you do. It’s perfectly acceptable to shout the answer, and it goes against how some kids feel it’s wrong to be seen as competent.

How to Play Smart Ass

In Smart Ass, the game’s object is to be the first on the board. Who am I? What am I? or where am I? The first player to reach the end is Smart Ass.

The game remains intended for 2 to 6 companies and ages 12 to adult. Play starts with the oldest Smart Ass player, the reader, who will read the first question. This first player rolls the Jumbo category die to determine the first question’s type. It may be one of the following:

Blue – what am I?
Green – Where am I?
Orange – who am I?

Each question card lists eight clues to it. Starting at the top of the list, the player reads out the clues, and other players can shout out an answer at any time. But, players only get one payment for answering each question. So, if they get it wrong, they will be frozen in response to the rest of the clues.

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