What is an Operating System? – Definition, Types, Features, and More.


An operating system is a software responsible for managing and coordinating the essential operation of various applications.

Moreover, the term operating system comes from Spanish, it is indicated with the acronym ‘OS.’

And also, hardware, and other resources used by the user on a computer, hence its importance.

In general, these systems offer the user a representation or graphical interface of their processes.

However, it also offers command line or instructions, window managers, which are practical to use.

What are the Types of Operating Systems?

  • These systems have been created to make easy and correct use of the various programs and hardware used in the computer.

Below are the different types mostly used.

Graphical environment operating system

  • A graphical environment is an operating system based on images and icons.
  • Basically, it has a more intuitive character for the user through written language and images.
  • However, it also allows us to carry out tasks such as opening files or simply accessing applications without writing commands.
  • An example is the Windows XP operating system.

Android operating system

  • Android is a type of Linux-based open-source system owned by Google Inc., which is initially developing for mobile devices.
  • Moreover, it uses a variant of Java and provides a series of interfaces to develop application programs and access to the mobile device’s different functions.

Windows operating system

  • Microsoft Windows operating systems make up a family developed by Microsoft Corporation based on icons called ‘windows.’
  • Basically, it is one of the most used and popular worldwide.
  • However, it has different versions (such as Windows 95 and Windows Vista) and comes with applications.

What are the Classifications of the Operating Systems?

These are classified as follows:


You can only run a single task or program at a time. These are the oldest.

2.Single user

It is the system that can only respond to one user at a time.


They are those that allow several programs to run at the same time on one or more computers.

4.Multiprocessor </h3.

It makes it possible for the equal program to being used on more than one computer.


It allows more than two consumers to access the services and processing of an operating system simultaneously.


It is the operating system that works in real-time to the users.

What are the Features of the Operating system?

The main functions are intended to manage the various resources that the computer has, among which are:

  • Firstly, Coordinate the operation of the hardware.
  • Secondly, Manage the main memory of the computer.
  • Manage information storage processes.
  • Organize and manage files and documents.
  • Manage the computer’s programming algorithm.
  • Run various applications.
  • Basically, it manages the input and output of peripheral devices through the drivers.
  • And also, it coordinates routines for device control.
  • Report on the state in which the computer system is.
  • Maintain the security and reliability of the system and computer.
  • Manage the profiles of the users on the computer.
  • Mostly, its primary function is to plan the tasks that are executed by the computer system.
  • Basically, it allows you to run new functions on your computer.
  • However, you can fulfill multiple tasks.
  • It allows efficient use of devices and other computer resources.
  • Moreover, the algorithms it uses to make it possible for the computer or device’s use and operation to be efficient.
  • Lastly, It provides the connection between software, hardware, and the user interface.

What are the Examples of an Operating System?

  • There are different examples of systems that have other versions that have different characteristics and functions:

1.Microsoft Windows

  • It is one of the best  graphical interface and software tools.

2.GNU / Linux

  • It is one of the unique operating systems for developing free software.

3.Mac OS X

  • It is the Macintosh operating system based on Unix, and that is installing on Apple computers.


  • It works on mobile devices with touch screens and depends on Linux.

5.MS-DOS ( Microsoft Disk Operating System )

  • Let us add that, Microsoft’s Disk Operating System was one of the most prominent operating systems in the 1980s characterized by displaying its commands on a dark background screen. Also you can find more helpful resources at techiesline.

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