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Do you want to fix your Ray-Bans?

Do you want to fix your Ray-Bans?

Big brand name, Ray-Ban, typically offer sunglasses with UV protection, and some go a step further with polarized lenses, which can also drive up the price. Designer glasses can easily cost hundreds of dollars. A popular and iconic pair – the Ray-Ban Originals cost $100+. Sometimes your Ray-Bans Glasses may need to Fix it So here in this article we are going to show you the Guide for the Ray ban replacement arm and lenses. Keep reading this post to know more.

How to Fix Ray-ban lenses?

The lenses of our Ray-Bans are the part most subject to wear and where the deterioration of the glasses is most visible. In addition to continually obstructing vision, glasses with lenses in poor condition are really unsightly. Today, we explain how to replace the lenses of your Ray-Ban.

How to replace your Ray-Ban lenses from Metal Frames:

  1. First, for the replacement of the glasses of your Ray-Ban, equip yourself with a precision screwdriver and, as far as possible, pliers (it is not easy to hold the small screws in the hands) .
  2. Generally, metal mounts have two screws. One for the glasses and another for the branches. It is necessary to loosen the screw of the glasses; in the case of the Aviator or Round models, the temple screw must also be loosened a little.
  3. After removing the screw, place it in a safe place so as not to lose it and fit the new glass.
  4. Then tighten the screw(s).
  5. And There you go ! We will have replaced the glass!

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How to change the pins/rods of your Ray-Bans?

With the passage of time, the rods of our glasses deteriorate and can even split. we teach you how to change the temples of your Ray-Bans. Here we are going to teach you step by step:

  1. To change your rods or temples it is necessary to have a precision screwdriver and if possible some tweezers. Picking up the small screws with your hands can be very cumbersome.
  2. On metal mounts, there are usually two screws. One for the lenses and one for the temples. You must unscrew the one from the pins. In acetate or plastic frames there is usually only one.
  3. Once we remove our screw, we leave it in a safe place so as not to lose it and we fit the new rod. To place it and that you can insert the screw you must place the pin at an angle of 45º with the front and with the pliers place the screw in the hole.
  4. We screw in our screw.
  5. We have our rod changed.

It is something simple, but there can always be something different or some special mechanism.

New Ray-Ban lenses for all frames

Whether your favorite frames are Clubmaster, Wayfarer, Aviator, Justin or another style, Here offer replacement lenses and arms of Ray Ban Glasses of every conceivable type. Here the complete frame database is located on the official website. A few scrolls and you’ll almost certainly be focused on the one you Want and love to get for you.

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