Basic GogoPDF Features That Anyone Use for Free – If you are unfamiliar with GogoPDF, we will share some information on how some of its features work. This online software can easily manage your PDFs, such as converting them, numbering pages, or sharing your documents with ease. If you wish to know how to use them, below is the information you need to know.


What’s constant about technology is change. The trend today might not be anymore in the next decade. With so many things that are happening fast, correctly protecting your files will save many people from experiencing stress in the future. Most people who have computers are converting their PDF documents at some point.

The file format is relatively easy to share and view, and it’s compatible with all the operating systems, but that might change in the future. The layout might not be the same after how many decades unless you convert your files into PDF/A. If you wish to convert your documents into PDF/A, they will be more safe, accessible, and secure for more coming years. If you want to do the process right now, here’s how to convert PDF to PDFA document:

  1. Upload any file from your laptop or computer into the website’s conversion toolbox.
  2. GogoPDF will start the conversion process in a while.
  3. Wait for the converter to be done with the process.
  4. Start to download or save the newly converted file to your devices. You can also share the file link somewhere.

Number Pages

Adding page numbers to a PDF file with this tool will be easy and hassle-free. It’s pretty easy to operate, and users only need to drag their files into the site, select those pages that they need to place the numbers, choose the settings, and begin the process. There are also multiple advantages of putting numbers on PDF pages, such as easily finding the content you want and quickly highlighting every essential topic in your report.

In addition to that, numbers are pretty easy to find than words, so it is vital to add them as soon as possible. Contents that are in order through number is easier to follow. People would also enjoy reading something because it looks organized and clean. The truth is if you are the most intelligent and most innovative individual in the world. Still, if you don’t organize your works, your writing will look like a puzzle to the audience, and they will never understand the information you wish to deliver.

We don’t want something like that to happen; that’s why we need to do the basic steps in organizing your files. Start using this online tool today and add numbers to your PDF pages:

  1. Upload any PDF that you wish to add numbers to its pages. You can also drag it in the toolbox area of the website.
  2. Choose the part you will add the numbers and apply the changes.
  3. Choose the method of sharing your file. You can send it through email or share the document link that GogoPDF will provide.
  1. Save the edited file or share the document with your online accounts!

Share Document

Email is the most important and used collaboration and communication for businesses, but like other things, it still has disadvantages. There are times that you will try to send documents with large file sizes, but only to know that you can’t proceed. Until today, plenty of email servers will prevent you from sending documents above the maximum extent. This problem is enough for many employees to be frustrated.

There’s no need to be sad and frustrated because this online software will provide the means to share files without any restrictions. The Share Document feature of GogoPDF will help you upload and send documents efficiently, quickly, and securely. Users can send files as large as 5GB in four steps, and they can already have the file link that they can ship directly to their contacts. If you wish to know the process, here’s how to do it:

  1. Upload the file that you want to share. Get it from your PC or drag it straight into the website’s toolbox.
  2. Click “Share File.”
  3. Send the document link through with a message, or you can copy it, paste it to text, or email.
  4. Please save the file to your desktop or share it with your Google Drive or Dropbox account.


Now that you are familiar with some GogoPDF features, please try using them to handle your PDFs. GogoPDF is a safe and secure online software that you can use for free. Try the mentioned tools today!