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Profession: Video Game Developer

Profession: Video Game Developer

Know about the profession of a video game developer – Video games are popular not only among teenagers. People of all ages, nationalities and places of residence are fascinated by them. By immersing yourself in an amazing fantasy world, you can get distracted from the gray of everyday life, forget about business and spend your leisure time in a fascinating way.

Early development of video games did not give the full range of sensations that today’s gamers get. Thanks to the additional equipment: virtual glasses, headsets, sensors and special gamer chairs, you can get the best experience at races, shooters or wander around the limitless virtual world.

How a Video Game is Created

In fact, a video game is a program with visual effects and gameplay. However, it takes a lot of effort, knowledge, experience and time to create it. In addition, you need powerful equipment on which to develop a new masterpiece.

The work on the game can be divided into several stages. Depending on the number of people involved, each process is performed by a separate specialist or universal expert, the so-called indie developer, who must be able to do everything himself:

  1. Idea and setting. Without an initial idea, there is no project. Having decided on the genre and direction of the game, the setting is chosen and the next step is taken.
  2. Tools. The programming language used to create objects and sounds, as well as the engine with its set of functions and tools are included here.
  3. Game mechanics is the most responsible step, which sets the gameplay of the entire game. Every detail is important here, from the movements to the interaction with objects and the world around.
  4. Locations and levels. The places of action must correspond to the given time period. You can’t have a knight riding a horse between skyscrapers or an ancient dinosaur that turned out to have a manicure.
  5. Graphics. is the creative process of the artist, who generates primary art, which is then embodied in 3d-modeling.
It is important to come up with a fascinating, not banal story that will catch the gamer.

Even at the first stage, it is important to think about marketing if you plan to make money in the profession of developer. This is a mandatory component of any virtual business, including online casino gambling. For example, only the best casinos with payouts placed on can be successful, because marketing is aimed at the earliest payout.

The same happens with a video game – no one has canceled monetization and you should think carefully about its integration into the gameplay.

What Gamedev Should Be Able to Do

Modern users are very demanding for games. A developer has a task to meet the expectations of gamers. If the project is small in scale and is performed by one person, he will have to master skills in many areas of game making:

  • C#, C++, Java and Ajax programming;
  • understand the principle of video and also, sound cards, servers;
  • have a good grasp of algorithms and models and mathematical thinking;
  • be able to work on Unity or Unreal Engine platforms;
  • have marketing and managerial skills to successfully promote and monetize the project;
  • know English;
  • be able to animate objects and add voiceover.


When a team takes on a job, each specialist is responsible for a specific area.

Specialization Description
Gameplay Developer Develops game mechanics, in other words, gameplay
Graphics Programmer Specializes in graphic elements, creating a visual image
Tools Developer
Engine Developer Works with the engine, adapts it to the goals of the project, fills it with tools and also, different utilities
Animation Developer Prepares primary animation and tools for further animation
Audio Developer Searches and integrates soundtracks, special effects, and character voices
Back-end Developer Interacts with server-based part of the project without interfering with the work on the game itself
Client Developer Writes client code if the game is multiplayer, allowing gamers to connect to servers
DevOps Developer Develops cooperations with services through which players can receive updates
UI Developer Creates menus and other UI elements for transitions, and character customization

In addition to these specialists, you will need an experienced marketing expert. He will help to promote the novelty, allocate the target audience to profit from monetization. This works on the same principle as in slots of vegas bonus which are much more popular than usual establishments – carefully thought-out marketing gives a high result.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Profession

The gaming industry is one of the fastest-growing industries today. Accordingly, there is a need for specialists in game development. The advantages of this profession are numerous:

  1. Demand – an experienced game developer will always find a job in a reputable company.
  2. Decent wages – not just once, but with time and experience you can get decent money for the job.
  3. Flexible hours – many companies allow you to work from home or remotely, and arrange a comfortable relaxation zone in the office.
  4. Creativity – in addition to the workday, there is a place for creative realizations in the life of a developer.
  5. Low entry threshold – basic knowledge is enough at the entry level.


  1. Deadlines – strict deadlines for the project which may require maximum dedication.
  2. Limited opportunities for self-realization – the customer clearly sets his requirements that cannot be deviated from.
  3. High competition among newcomers – it is difficult to find a decent job without experience, and you can work “for food” at first.


Playing Dota or Fortnite, not every gamer thinks about how many people worked on its creation. In this case, the specialists give a part of themselves, their creativity and knowledge to please users with high-quality software.

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